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MET Trenta MIPS Helmet - Black / Matt Glossy

MET Trenta MIPS Helmet - Black / Matt Glossy

MET Trenta MIPS Helmet

The MET Trenta is a performance road bike helmet for elite riders and designed for the best possible function when riding in a group. Designed to keep your head cool and save energy with every turn of the crank.

Features of the MET Trenta MIPS Helmet

  • In-mold polycarbonate shell with EPS inner shell.
  • Safe-T Orbital adjustment system
  • MIPS-C2 brain protection system
  • 1 NACA vent with Venturi effect
  • 18 ventilation openings
  • Internal air ducts
  • Rear deflector
  • Hand washable air mesh comfort padding
  • Skin-friendly buckle
  • Cam divider adjustable Air-Lite harness strap
  • Supplied in ventilated transport bag
  • Proven reduced drag: 7% at 45 km/h
  • Designed & Engineered in Italy

NACA vent

Originally developed by NACA, a predecessor of NASA, this cleverly placed vent generates a cooling effect all over the head. The Venturi effect forces warm air inside the helmet out through specially positioned air vents. This ensures a constant flow of air through the inside of the helmet without increasing drag.

Rear deflector

The back of a helmet has a huge effect on ventilation with the outlet of warm air. The MET Trenta features a low-profile, 25° rear deflector that allows you to incorporate two wide air outlets that optimize airflow while you're pushing your performance limits in an understeer position.

Tubular rear

The rear of a helmet is also of aerodynamic importance. It uses synergy with the NACA vent and rear deflector to dissipate airflow without turbulence. As a result of extensive wind tunnel testing at the NEWTON Lab in Milan, we flattened the rear to optimize aerodynamics.

Contact surface with the head

MET designed the Trenta so that only 30% of the head comes into contact with the helmet when worn. As a result, the remaining 70% of the head benefits from the optimized airflow that passes through the sophisticated system of ventilation channels inside, ensuring the most effective cooling of the head.

Safe-T Orbital Adjustment System

  • Headband offers 360° adjustability
  • Vertically adjustable in 4 positions
  • Horizontally adjustable in 2 positions
  • Suitable for pigtail wearers
  • Compatible with MET USB LED Light & DualGel Front Pad


Size S - 240g
Size M - 258g
Size L - 284g

Fact Sheet of MET Trenta MIPS Helmet - Black / Matt Glossy

Product Name: MET Trenta MIPS Helmet - Black / Matt Glossy
Manufacturer: MET
Item Code: MET473108
activity: Cycling
usage bikesport: Road Bike
bike helmet version: without Visor, with MIPS
helmet finish: matt
Model year: 2022
Collection: Full year
Color: Black
Manufacturer page: