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HJC Sports ADWATT 1.5 Triathlon Helmet - matt black

HJC Sports ADWATT 1.5 Triathlon Helmet - matt black


The ADWATT 1.5 is the perfect compromise between aerodynamics, ventilation and comfort for extra long rides. Through improved wind tunnel tests and based on the advanced technologies of the ADWATT, the helmet was developed to allow aerodynamic riding on the road while keeping the head cool. This makes the ADWATT 1.5 the perfect triathlon helmet.



Wind tunnel tested

HJC helmets are tested in laboratories, but also in real everyday situations to meet the highest quality standards. HJC is one of the few helmet manufacturers that has its own state-of-the-art wind tunnel lab to perform testing on aerodynamics, ventilation, riding noise and more. The HJC Windtunnel Lab measures drag in a wide range of riding conditions to improve helmet performance.


Aerodynamic Design

Years of experience with MotoGP racing helmets have made HJC designers and engineers experts in aerodynamics and wind-ventilated helmets. Aero helmets are, as the name suggests, more aerodynamic than classic racing bike helmets, but at the expense of ventilation performance. With HJC helmets this has been significantly improved. So HJC offers probably the best-ventilated semi-aero helmet currently on the market, ... Save watts with HJC helmets.


Venturi Dynamics

To achieve maximum ventilation, Bernoulli's Law has been applied to HJC's more aerodynamic models. When in motion, the amount of moving air increases as it moves towards the rear of the helmet. Pressure differences cause cold air from the front vent to be expelled through the rear vent. This creates the ideal ventilation for the rider.


In-Mold Construction

The method of InMold construction is to bond the layers of EPS to the outer polycarbonate shell to strengthen the structure. This improves the protection of the rider by providing a compact reinforcement and gives the perfect finish to the product.


Advanced air channel system

A certain amount of air enters the helmet through front openings, circulates inside the helmet and exits out the back. The internal air flow increases to cool the head and expel heat.



Aero time trial helmets are equipped with a shield to improve rider comfort and visibility. HJC's Aero helmets are designed to deliver the same aerodynamic performance with or without a shield.



All helmets are treated with a special Polygiene silver salt (silver chloride). The natural components of Polygiene are antibacterial and prevent mould. Polygiene permanently prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria and fungi.


Lightweight / Featherweight

HJC bike helmets are designed and developed through precise measurement to achieve the lightest possible weight. Density, placements, shapes and materials all play a key role in optimising weight.


260g (±10) - helmet without shield
320g (±10) - incl. shield

Fact Sheet of HJC Sports ADWATT 1.5 Triathlon Helmet - matt black

Product Name: HJC Sports ADWATT 1.5 Triathlon Helmet - matt black
Manufacturer: HJC Sports
Item Code: HJC509227
activity: Cycling, Triathlon
gender: men
usage bikesport: Triathlon
safety standards: EN 1078
helmet certified for: Cycling
helmet version: With eye shield
helmet finish: matt
head circumference (range): 51-63cm
Model year: 2024
Collection: Full year
Color: Black
weight: 320g
Manufacturer page: http://www.hjcsports.com/