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Dr. Wack F100 Bio Chain-Cleaner - 150ml

Dr. Wack F100 Bio Chain-Cleaner - 150ml


For powerful and fast chain cleaning

For the love of nature:

  • Made from > 90% renewable raw materials
  • Easily biodegradable according to OECD 301 (F)
  • Free from fragrances and dyes
  • Bottle made from environmentally friendly recycled material

Product advantages of the Dr. Wack F100 Bio Chain Cleaner

  • The F100 Bio Chain Cleaner binds the dirt and cleans quickly and powerfully
  • Improves the running properties of the chain by dissolving the dirt particles
  • Protects against wear and corrosion
  • Improves the shifting properties
  • Acid-free, does not attack any surfaces


Dose chain cleaner onto chain and allow to act for approx. 5-10 min (max. 15 min). In the case of stubborn dirt, go over the chain links with a brush (do not use a wire brush). Then rinse the chain thoroughly with a strong jet of water. If no water supply is available, removal with a dry cloth is also possible.


Note: Do not allow product to get onto brake discs and pads or tyre treads (risk of accident!). Unintentionally sprayed bicycle parts should be wiped off immediately.

Fact Sheet of Dr. Wack F100 Bio Chain-Cleaner - 150ml

Product Name: Dr. Wack F100 Bio Chain-Cleaner - 150ml
Manufacturer: Dr. Wack
Item Code: WAC527973
activity: Cycling
Care & clean - Application: Chain Cleaning
Care & clean - Product type: Solution
content: 150ml
Model year: 2023
Collection: Full year