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FSA BB30 Bearing MR149 BB42/PF46-x-30

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Description of FSA BB30 Bearing MR149 BB42/PF46-x-30

FSA BB30 bearings (1 one pair) for cranks with 30 mm hollow axles. Equipped with stainless steel balls for a low wearing and an optimized power transmission.


The FSA configurator easyBottomBracket makes it easier to choose the right bottom bracket.
Material: balls: steel
  • Description
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Fact Sheet of FSA BB30 Bearing MR149 BB42/PF46-x-30

Product Name: FSA BB30 Bearing MR149 BB42/PF46-x-30
Manufacturer: FSA
Item Code: FSA151892
activity: Bike
usage bikesport: Road Bike
bottom bracket type: BB30
bottom bracket accessories: Bearings
weight: 45g
Manufacturer page:
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