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Pedro's Chainj Lubricant 100ml

Pedro's Chainj Lubricant 100ml

Pedro's Chainj has been engineered to provide superior wear protection and lubrication under high load with increased performance in wet conditions, reducing wear to drivetrain components by providing low friction and high efficiency.

Chainj is a proprietary vegetable/synthetic chain lubricant engineered at the molecular level to associate ionically with metal surfaces creating a protective barrier, and keeping it there, for added life and increased anti-wear properties. As an added bonus, Chainj is biodegradable and a great solvent helping to remove contaminants from the chains.
Chainj is a fantastic chain lubricant with many properties that also make it a good general purpose lubricant. In a case of two metal surfaces coming in contact under a load, the vegetable oils are more slippery, enabling the metal surfaces to slide easier, reducing friction.

Fact Sheet of Pedro's Chainj Lubricant 100ml

Product Name: Pedro's Chainj Lubricant 100ml
Manufacturer: Pedro's
Item Code: PED105839
activity: Cycling
care & clean product : Oil
lubricant area of application: Chain
content: 100ml
Model year: 2022
Collection: Full year
weight: 100g