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Campagnolo Chorus DB Hydraulic Disc Brake - 2x12-speed - Left Ergopower + Rear Caliper

Campagnolo Chorus DB Hydraulic Disc Brake - 2x12-speed - Left Ergopower + Rear Caliper

Campagnolo's Chorus range has always represented a drivetrain designed for top performance, aimed at a wider audience looking for a high-quality but versatile product. Those who appreciate Campagnolo's high-end features have always loved the Chorus model for its excellent price/performance ratio.

In transferring the proven technical innovations of the Super Record and Record models to the 12-speed Chorus components, Campagnolo accordingly made no compromises this time either. The result is a versatile, user-friendly and powerful groupset for all applications: from Gran Fondo  to adventurous day tours to everyday rides.


Campagnolo Chorus DB Ergopower controls

Ergonomics, control and smooth shifting performance

The fantastic ergonomics that have become a calling card for Campagnolo over the years have been further improved with the introduction of the Super Record and Record 12-speed drivetrains and are continued in the design of the current Chorus brake/shift levers.

Apart from the aluminium brake lever, which has a high-quality coating, the Chorus Ergopower controls have features that are very similar to those of the Super Record and Record brake/shift levers. However, the design of the hand protection rubber, brake lever and shift lever as well as the Reach Adjustment function for individual adaptation to different hand sizes make the Chorus model unique and at the same time variable in use.

Campagnolo's proven "One-Lever-One-Action" philosophy prevents faulty operation even in moments of competitive tension or fatigue. The internal Ultra Shift mechanism is used to control the 12-speed rear derailleur, allowing up to 5 sprockets down or 3 sprockets up to be shifted in a single movement. The Chorus shifters offer the same extremely durable and smooth shifting performance as the two Record groupsets thanks to reworked cables or hoses and an optimised housing.


Highlights of the Chorus Ergopower brake/shift lever

  • One-Lever-One-Action and positive engagement for perfect gear changes every time
  • shift up to 5 gears at once with the Ultra Shift mechanism
  • ergonomic adjustable reach to suit any hand or finger size
  • material: composite (body), aluminium (lever blade)
  • weight: approx. 488 grams (pair, manufacturer's specs)


Campagnolo Flat Mount caliper

Powerful, modulable and reliable.

The Campagnolo Flatmount disc brake calipers ensure powerful and modular braking in any situation owing to its phenolic resin pistons with 22 mm diameter. This lightweight material provides proper thermic isolation to guarantee constant braking performance even in the long term

To reach the highest level of performance, the construction of forged aluminium provides the necessary rigidity and stiffness. The piston's return mechanism is optimised for a quick return of the pads to their position, cushioning the vibrations during braking and ensuring a total clearance between pad and disc of 0.4 to 0.8 mm without risk of accidental contact.

The caliper was also designed with accessibility in mind, keeping maintenance and assembly operations easy. Accordingly, the pads have wear indicators and replacing them is facilitated by the absence of physical return springs. Even the insertion of the disc into the caliper could be improved to make changing the wheel easier and faster.


Highlights of the hydraulic disc brake caliper

  • construction of forged aluminium provides rigidity and stiffness
  • phenolic resin pistons for constant braking performance
  • improved brake pad return mechanism to cushion vibrations
  • for 140 and 160 mm disc rotors (140 mm version for 82 kg max. rider weight)
  • DB310 pads with unique organic compound and improved wear resistance in any condition
  • material: aluminium (body), resin (pistons)
  • weight: approx. 118 grams (140 mm caliper incl. brake pads, manufacturer's specs)


Content of delivery:

hydraulic disc brake set:

  • Ergopower brake/shift lever
  • caliper incl. brake pads
  • brake hose (filled)


Note: Only the red Campagnolo LB-300 mineral oil is suitable for use.

Fact Sheet of Campagnolo Chorus DB Hydraulic Disc Brake - 2x12-speed - Left Ergopower + Rear Caliper

Product Name: Campagnolo Chorus DB Hydraulic Disc Brake - 2x12-speed - Left Ergopower + Rear Caliper
Manufacturer: Campagnolo
Item Code: CAM589672
activity: Cycling
material: Aluminium
usage bikesport: Road Bike
groupset: Campagnolo
number of chainrings: 2
shifting actuation: Mechanical
disc brake mount: Flatmount
brake actuation: Hydraulic
brake lever version: Drop bar
brake fluid: Mineral Oil
Disc brake - version: # Rear Wheel, Set caliper & lever
Shift lever - Version: Shift-brake-lever, # Left
Model year: 2022
Color: Black
manufacturer item code: EP21-CHD12LR4
Manufacturer page: http://www.campagnolo.com