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KEEGO Sport Bottle - 750ml - Silver Stardust

KEEGO Sport Bottle - 750ml - Silver Stardust

KEEGO - The evolution of the water bottle

In the beginning there were plastic bottles and metal bottles. Now KEEGO combines the best of both worlds. The 4th generation KEEGO is the consistent evolution to the cleanest sports bottle ever, combining the squeezability and light weight of a plastic bottle with the taste neutrality and health benefits of a metal bottle.

What distinguishes KEEGO from a conventional drinking bottle made of plastic, metal or glass?

KEEGO gives water back its taste. The inside of the KEEGO bottle consists of a pure elastic titanium layer that keeps your water tasteless and odourless.

  • Nothing but pure water
    With KEEGO you do without microplastics, softeners, BPA, BPS and mould in your bottle but not without the enjoyment of deliciously fresh water.
  • Long lasting freshness
    Titanium has anti-stick properties and is easy to clean - no matter what was in the bottle before. So you extend the life of your bottle and do something good for the environment.
  • Squeezable and light
    The elastic titanium makes your KEEGO easy to squeeze. KEEGO is much lighter than conventional metal bottles and yet not fragile. This makes it the ideal companion, whether on the bike, on the mountain, in the gym, on the playing field or in your everyday life.



The completely redesigned cap is easy to disassemble, clean and reassemble. The pure silicone nub prevents any plastic contact. The EasyClean cap has a X-Cut, which opens when the bottle is squeezed, allowing for one-handed drinking.

The new outer shell of the KEEGO bottle is made of Soft-Touch-plastic offers additional grip and is even easier to squeeze.

Features of the KEEGO bottle

  • Capacity: 750 ml
  • Weight: 86 g
  • Fits in bottle cage and is easy to squeeze
  • Pure, resilient, corrosion resistant titanium interior
  • No plastic inside
  • Durable and sustainable - no throwaway product!
  • New cap fits all KEEGO bottles
  • Made in Germany

Fact Sheet of KEEGO Sport Bottle - 750ml - Silver Stardust

Product Name: KEEGO Sport Bottle - 750ml - Silver Stardust
Manufacturer: KEEGO
Item Code: KGO601145
activity: Cycling, Outdoor, Run, Fitness
material: Titanium, Silicone
dimensions (l/w/h): 330/130/80mm
Hydration, bottle & cage : Bottle
Volume: 0.75l
Model year: 2024
Collection: Full year
Color: Silver
weight: 86g
Weight Source: Manufacturer