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DT Swiss H 1900 SPLINE Wheelset - 27.5" | 30mm | Clincher | Centerlock - 15x110mm Boost | 12x148mm Boost

DT Swiss H 1900 SPLINE Wheelset - 27.5" | 30mm | Clincher | Centerlock - 15x110mm Boost | 12x148mm Boost


For extended eMTB tours!

When motor assistance meets human muscle power, the number of terrains that a bike can conquer also grows. The H 1900 SPLINE wheels are tailored precisely to the stronger requirements of E-Bikes.

Instead of changing the proven rim profiles, additional material was added to the DT Swiss Hybrid models exactly where it is needed most. Those parts were reinforced where the greatest loads occur. so that the aluminum rims can not only withstand higher speeds, but also carry a system weight of up to 150 kg. To offer every rider the best possible grip as well as optimum traction, the H 1900 wheels are also available with two different inner widths.

The combination of the proven 370 hub with the reinforced Hybrid 1 spokes, which increase the lateral and torsional stiffness, also benefits the resistance of the wheels. To meet the higher loads of electric mountain bikes, the rear wheel was also equipped with a cassette mount made of specially hardened steel and the Ratchet LN freewheel system for a more diversified power distribution.

Technical details of the DT Swiss H1900 SPLINE 30 wheelset

  • rims: DT Swiss H 1900 Hybrid MTB (aluminum)
  • tire type: clincher, Tubeless compatible (TC)
  • construction: Hooked / Crotchet, Sleeve Joint
  • wheel size: 27.5 inch (650B)
  • outer width: 35 mm / inner width: 30 mm / profile height: 20 mm
  • hubs: DT Swiss H 1900 SPLINE 370
  • brake disc mount: Centerlock
  • freewheel: DT Swiss Ratchet LN (18 teeth / 20º engagement angle)
  • freewheel body: Shimano Steel (SS) / Shimano 12SP Steel (SS12) / SRAM XD Steel (SSRAM)
  • installation dimension: 15 x 110 mm / 12 x 148 mm Boost (thru axle)
  • spokes: DT Swiss Hybrid 1 (Straightpull; double butted / 2.34 - 2.0 - 2.34 mm)
  • spoke count: 28
  • spoke pattern: triple crossed (both sides)
  • nipples: DT Swiss Squorx (ProLock / ProHead; aluminum; 2.0 x 15 mm)
  • weight (manufacturer's specification):
    front wheel: approx. 965 g
    rear wheel: approx. 1132 / 1114 / 1101 g (HG / Micro Spline / XD)
  • max. system weight: 150 kg

Legendary reliability | The wheels of the 1900 SPLINE (Straight Pull Line) series represent the entry into the MTB range of DT Swiss and are intended to equip bikers with components on which they can rely 100 %. Thanks to manual work, not only a precise manufacturing quality is achieved, but also the well-known, brand-typical reliability is ensured.

Tubeless Ready | Tubeless tires offer some decisive advantages over the conventional combination of tire and tube. The tire can be ridden with less pressure without risking "snakebites" and thus offers more grip. The lower pressure also provides a more comfortable ride. The absence of the tube means that there is no friction between the tube and tire and therefore rolling resistance is lower when riding off-road and over obstacles.

Ratchet freewheel system | The special feature of the patented freewheel system is that all teeth of the two installed ratchet pulleys always mesh simultaneously. Compared to pawl freewheel hubs, where the engagement surface is comparatively small, the loads are distributed evenly over a large contact surface by including the entire face surfaces. The result is lower point loading and thus significantly higher reliability.

Pro Lock technology | The DT Pro Lock spoke nipples prevent an independent loosening of the spoke-nipple connection. A patented two-component adhesive is injected into the nipple thread, which allows the construction of extremely durable wheels. Once the nipples are screwed in, the adhesive is activated and then fully cures. Repeated re-centering is possible without any problems, although the adhesive strength decreases slightly with each re-centering.

Scope of supply:

  • front wheel + rear wheel
  • Tubeless rim tape (32 mm)
  • Tubeless valves (MTB, 32 mm)

Fact Sheet of DT Swiss H 1900 SPLINE Wheelset - 27.5" | 30mm | Clincher | Centerlock - 15x110mm Boost | 12x148mm Boost

Product Name: DT Swiss H 1900 SPLINE Wheelset - 27.5" | 30mm | Clincher | Centerlock - 15x110mm Boost | 12x148mm Boost
Manufacturer: DT Swiss
Item Code: DTS626799
activity: Cycling
material: Aluminium
usage bikesport: E-Bike, MTB
hubs: DT Swiss H1900 SPLINE 370
spokes: DT Swiss Hybrid 1 (Straightpull)
rims: DT Swiss H1900 Hybrid MTB (Hooked/Crotchet | Sleeve Joint)
shifting system: 10-speed, 11-speed, 12-speed
wheel size: 27,5" / 650B (584mm)
ASTM: Category 4
axle standard: 15x110mm Boost (FW), 12x148mm Boost (RW)
Wheel / Hub version: Wheelset, Wheelset > 1700g, Standard Wheel
Freehub Body: HG M (Shimano 8-10s, MTB 11s), XD (SRAM 11/12s MTB), Micro Spline (Shimano 12s MTB)
braking system: Centerlock/AFS
tire type: Wire Bead Tire, Folding Tire, Tubeless Ready
ETRTO: 30-584
rim width: 35mm
inner profile width: 30mm
rim profile height: 20mm
weight limit: 150kg
nipples: DT Swiss Squorx (ProHead | ProLock)
freehub system: DT Swiss Ratchet LN 18
Model year: 2022
Color: Black
weight: 2066g
manufacturer item code: W0H1900BGIXSA18333 + W0H1900TGDSSA18335 (HG) / W0H1900TGD3SA18334 (Micro Spline) / W0H1900TGDNSA18336 (XD)
Number of Spoke Holes: 28
Weight Source: Manufacturer
Weighed Version: XD
Freewheel System: Ratchet
Manufacturer page: