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Ballistol Multipurpose Grease - 400g Cartridge

Ballistol Multipurpose Grease - 400g Cartridge

The Ballistol multipurpose grease is stable in the temperature range from -30°C to +120°C and is characterized by a very good water resistance. It provides a reliable long-term lubrication, excellent sealing properties and easy pumpability in central lubrication systems. It is resistant in wet and dusty environments as well as in cold and hot water. In combination with its good adhesion and oxidation resistance it also protects in such problematic areas safe from corrosion.

The Ballistol multipurpose grease reduces friction and wear of all moving parts and has a high pressure absorption capacity. It is also aging resistant and stable to milling and dust repellent and water resistant. The Universal Grease is free from silicones, resins and acids and therefore it does not resinate.

Complies with DIN 51 502: K2K-30.

Fact Sheet of Ballistol Multipurpose Grease - 400g Cartridge

Product Name: Ballistol Multipurpose Grease - 400g Cartridge
Manufacturer: Ballistol
Item Code: BTL169838
activity: Cycling
care & clean product : Grease
lubricant area of application: Universal
content: 400g
Model year: 2021
weight: 400g
Manufacturer page: http://www.ballistol.de