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AXA Loop 110 Chain Lock - black

AXA Loop 110 Chain Lock - black

The AXA Loop 110 is a very secure chain lock with security level 15 .The cylinder is protected with a cover so that moisture and dirt have no direct access to the cylinder. This has a positive effect on the durability of your lock. The strong polyester cover protects your bike against damage. If it happens that your bike key is lost, you can easily order an additional key at any time with the international online key service. The chain lock can be used in 2 ways. First 1 in the traditional way, where the chain is placed around a post and both ends are secured with the lock. The second option 2 is to pass the chain through the eyelet and pull a short loop. In this way, the maximum chain length can be used.

Highlights of the AXA Loop 110 chain lock

  • Security level 15
  • Drilling protection
  • Complies with the Dutch ART 2-star standard
  • Hardened steel links 9.5 mm
  • Sturdy polyester cover
  • Key service
  • Stainless steel details
  • Cylinder cover to protect against moisture and dirt
  • length 110 cm

Fact Sheet of AXA Loop 110 Chain Lock - black

Product Name: AXA Loop 110 Chain Lock - black
Manufacturer: AXA
Item Code: AXA635251
activity: Cycling
locking style: Key
lock version: Chain Locks
lock safety level: 15/15
Model year: 2023
Collection: Full year
Color: Black
weight: 3190g
manufacturer item code: 59003895SS
Weight Source: Manufacturer
Lock Length: 110cm
Manufacturer page: