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BMC Road Bikes - Swiss Precision on Two Wheels

Few bike brands stand as consistently for innovation, high-tech and performance as BMC. No wonder, after all, the declared goal of long-time BMC boss Andy Rihs was to establish BMC as the "Porsche of racing bikes". We would say: This has succeeded perfectly. For several decades, BMC road bikes have been an integral part of international racing. Countless racing successes confirm: A BMC road bike is one of the best that the bike industry has to offer. Today, the BMC road bike portfolio is no longer limited exclusively to pure racing machines.

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The History of BMC

BMC stands for Bicycle Manufacturing Company. Since 1986, BMC has been gaining experience in the production of high-quality bicycles. Initially, they produced bikes under license for Raleigh. Then in 1994, the own brand BMC was founded. Since then, it went steeply uphill and BMC established itself as a premium manufacturer. BMC bikes stand for performance, speed and international racing success. And BMC stands for consistency: model maintenance has always been part of the company philosophy. The successful BMC road bike Teammachine is the best example of this. Even today, it still goes by the same name. Trends and innovations are also anchored in the company DNA. In 2019, for example, BMC caused a sensation in the gravel scene with the introduction of the URS.

BMC Tuned Compliance Concept – What is it?

Normally, you won't find suspension elements on a drop bar bike. That doesn't mean that a road bike has to be uncomfortable to ride. Nowadays, the use of carbon opens up completely new possibilities. The high-tech material can be designed to fit precisely, so that a frame is enormously stiff in important places, and offers high comfort in others. The high art is to find the perfect mix of compliance and stiffness. BMC has developed the Tuned Compliance Concept for this purpose. It means: each BMC road bike has a sophisticated characteristic, which is ideally adapted to the respective purpose. BMC distinguishes four categories:

BMC Aero Road Bikes
The tuning for aero road bikes is called BMX TCC Speed. This designation expresses it aptly: it is about optimal power transmission for maximum speed. BMC Aero frames are extremely stiff. The entire bike is based on a sophisticated aero concept: from the frame to the wheels to the fork, all parts are designed for minimum air resistance.

BMC Altitude Road Bikes
By this BMC understands the classic road bike: highly efficient all-rounders with the perfect mix of stiffness and comfort. BMC calls the matching set-up TCC Race. These bikes are lightweight, designed for optimum rolling resistance and true climbing experts. The intentional compliance of the frame ensures confidence-inspiring handling in all conditions that await you in the race. The frame as well as the D-shaped seatpost provide comfort on long courses.

BMC Endurance Road Bikes
TCC Endurance is the name of the set-up for endurance riding. A perfect mix of compliance and stiffness provides the comfort needed for decidedly long tours. Nevertheless, these BMC road bikes lose nothing in terms of efficiency and speed. They are just not as uncompromisingly designed for top speed as the pure race models.

BMC Gravel Bikes
Within the BMC drop bar bike range, the Gravel bikes occupy a special position. Their playground is not primarily the asphalt, instead they are designed for use in rougher terrain. This requires a special coordination of frame and parts, which BMC calls TCC Gravel. The Micro Travel Technology ensures that not only the finest vibrations are eliminated: 10 mm of suspension travel guarantee noticeably improved traction on Gravel with impressive power transmission. In the BMC Gravelbike a D-shaped seatpost is used, which additionally reduces micro vibrations.

The BMC Naming Concept

The name is program! This concept makes it easy for you to assign all BMC road bikes perfectly. The "members" of the different bike families are marked with numbers. For example, there is the gravel bike URS 01 One, the URS 01 Two and the URS 01 Three. One, Two and Three each mark the price point of the equipment. In other words, One stands for the top equipment, while Three is the least expensive model. This way, you can orient yourself well and quickly find the model that fits your budget.

Road Bike BMC Teammachine: The Road Bike of the Pros

The Teammachine has been part of the BMC product range since 2002. From the beginning, it positioned itself as a thoroughbred high-end racing bike. It was developed to bring in victories. In this tradition, it is constantly evolving to this day. The TCC Race technology provides the perfect mix of stiffness and comfort - perfect for the race tracks of this world. 
If you're looking for a thoroughbred performance road bike, the BMC Teammachine is your bike! In addition, the model range includes countless equipment variants, so that there is the right BMC road bike for all preferences and for every budget. Teammachine SLR models are equipped with carbon frames, while the Teammachine ALR bikes shine with aluminum frames and the best possible price-performance ratio.

The highlights of the Teammachine at a glance:

  • ACE+ Technology: computer-aided optimization of the carbon structure in terms of stiffness, weight, compliance and aerodynamics.
  • ICS (Integrated Cockpit System: one-piece cockpit with high stiffness and hidden cable routing.
  • The stem has an integrated mount for common devices such as a bike computer.
  • BMC Aerocore Design: Two super lightweight, aerodynamically perfectly integrated bottle cages.
  • D-Shape seatpost: Aerodynamic as well as comfortable carbon seatpost with D-profile
    Aerodynamically optimized carbon fork with minimalist design

Road Bike BMC Roadmachine: The Swiss Army Knife among Road Bikes

The BMC Roadmachine is the endurance road bike in the program of the Swiss. It is efficient, streamlined and above all comfortable. With these features, the Roadmachine is the perfect road bike for long tours that last all day. BMC differentiates three model series: Roadmachine, Roadmachine X and Roadmachine AMP. What distinguishes these models, we will now briefly discuss:

Model BMC Roadmachine
The classic endurance road bike. The Roadmachine comes with classic endurance road bike equipment and is available in all possible price ranges.

Model Roadmachine X
The X indicates that these Roadmachine models feel comfortable not only on asphalt. The Roadmachine X series models represent the transition from pure road bike to gravel bike. They feature thicker tires and off-road-ready features. This includes, for example, a mountain gear ratio. If you're not sure whether a road bike or a gravel bike is right for you: Voilà - the Roadmachine X is your bike!

Roadmachine AMP model
The name suggests it: AMP stands for the extra power that the compact Mahle hub motor offers. Even if it's hard to tell visually, the Roadmachine AMP models are BMC e-race bikes.

BMC Gravel Bike URS and Kaius: Dropbars for Offroad

BMC offers two different Gravel model series. The Swiss divide them into "Performance" and "Exploration". The URS is the representative of the Exploration line and it stands for everything that makes a classic gravel bike. It has a comfortable carbon frame with Micro Travel Technology. The rear triangle offers 10 mm of suspension travel. A spring-loaded stem provides comfort and perfect handling at the front. Certain models are equipped with a suspension fork. The Gravel fork MTT offers with 20 mm travel pronounced high comfort. The BMC Gravel Bike URS is an ideal companion on your Gravel and Bikepacking adventures in nature!

The Kaius models are designed for maximum performance. These are sporty gravel bikes with race genes. You could say: The Kaius is a full throttle gravel bike! The BMC Kaius has a comfortable carbon frame, where the efficiency is in the foreground. Accordingly, the geometry is rather progressive and race-oriented, which clearly sets this model apart from the URS. If you are looking for a highly efficient gravel racer, you are right with the BMC Kaius.

BMC Trackmachine and Timemachine: the Specialists

The models BMC Trackmachine and BMC Timemachine are real specialists. The names reveal in each case for what: The Timemachine is the BMC expert for triathlon and time trial. The Trackmachine is a thoroughbred singlespeed race bike for the bike track.