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Schwalbe Marathon Performance Wired Tire - 28 Inches - Black-Reflex

Schwalbe Marathon Performance Wired Tire - 28 Inches - Black-Reflex

The original: The archetypal high quality touring tire!

Featuring the Endurance rubber compound that makes the Marathon more durable. Furthermore it has a green "Plus": Its GreenGuard protection belt (Schwalbe Puncture Protection Level 5) is made up by one third recycled material. A three millimeter thick GreenGuard protection belt is placed under the tire tread, effectively protecting the tube from everyday cycling punctures.

Schwalbe has equipped the Marathon with the innovative "Anti-Aging" side wall. The tire will now tolerate this "low inflation overloading" for much longer before ugly cracks eventually start to appear. In order to develop better resistance, Schwalbe technicians spent many hours performing harsh tests - poorly inflated tires, loaded with weights on a rolling-road, that artificially simulated unevenness over many thousand kilometers.

In the bicycle market E-Bikes are currently a fast-growing segment, but these electrically power bicycles place special demands on tires. Puncture resistance is clearly more important, because a tire change, or tube repair is far more difficult than is the case with an ordinary bike. Also wear is much greater, because there is more power transmission and the bikes are also much heavier. With its improved puncture protection and greater durability the new Marathon is much better prepared for E-bike use. It bears ECE-75 certification in following sizes: 37-622, 40-622, 47-622 and 50-622.
Dimension: See title or select dimension above.
Maximum load in kg:

70kg /tire (23/622)

75kg / tire (25-622)
85kg / tire (28-622)
90kg / tire (32-622)
95kg / tire (37-622)
100kg / tire (40-622)
115kg / tire (47-622)
121kg / tire (50-622)
110kg / tire (40-635)
Weight supplement: 23-622)
approx. 520 gram (25-622)
approx. 560 gram (28-622)
approx. 640 gram (32-622)
approx. 730 gram (37-622)
approx. 810 gram (40-622)
approx. 985 gram (47-622)
approx. 1080 gram (50-622)
approx. 830 gram (40-635

Fact Sheet of Schwalbe Marathon Performance Wired Tire - 28 Inches - Black-Reflex

Product Name: Schwalbe Marathon Performance Wired Tire - 28 Inches - Black-Reflex
Manufacturer: Schwalbe
Item Code: SWA100972
activity: Cycling
usage bikesport: Road Bike, Trekking, E-Bike, Tarmac , Allroad / Gravel Road
wheel size: 28" (29") (622mm), 28" (635mm)
tire type: Wire Bead Tire
Air pressure: 6-9bar
tire properties: ECE-R75, Reflective stripes
carcass density: 67TPI/EPI
tire width: 1.10", 1.25", 1.40", 1.50", 1.75", 2.00"
tire compound: Endurance
Model year: 2022
Color: Black, Reflective
weight: 430g
manufacturer item code: 23-622: 11100495
25-622: 11100142
28-622: 11100139
32-622: 11100141
37-622: 11100007
40-622: 11100005
47-622: 11100140
50-622: 11100613
40-635: 11100152
Manufacturer page: http://www.schwalbe.de