Spank Spike 800 VibroCore MTB Handlebar - shotpeen black/yellow

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Description of Spank Spike 800 VibroCore MTB Handlebar - shotpeen black/yellow

World of Mountainbike Award 2018!

Alloy handlebar strength and value, with carbon-killer comfort and performance. Spank Industries’ award winning Spike 800 Vibrocore™ bar is the first revolutionary alloy handlebar design in decades. This DH race tuned bar was developed with World Cup pros Mick and Tracey Hannah, to combat the debilitating effects of hand-arm numbness and arm-pump. Spank's proprietary Vibrocore™ technology injects a complex foam core into the bar's center, effectively damping the sustained high frequency vibrations which lead to discomfort. In addition to carbon like comfort, the Spike 800 Vibrocore™ delivers strength and stiffness unmatched by conventional alloy bars as well as vastly enhanced fatigue life.


VIBROCORE™ - Impulse and vibration damping core.
The theory behind SPANK‘s Vibrocore™ Impulse and Fatigue Damping System is simple. Like all forms of energy, the vibrational energy that is transmitted through your bars to your hands, is made up of waves, which can be measured in amplitude and frequency. The more dense a material, the higher its ability to transmit energy waves. Alloys have a very high density, and in turn transmit vibrational energy very effectively. Vibrocore™ is a complex, low density material which fills the core of the handlebar, reducing the frequency, amplitude, and duration of energy waves. Not only does the low density of the Vibrocore™ impede the transfer of energy, but as energy waves cross material boundaries from high density to low density, they are refracted and reflected (basically bounced in different directions), reducing their ability to build on one another or sustain vibrational frequencies. Where competitors have been forced to design unwanted flexibility into their bars, Spank's Vibrocore™ system also acts to reinforce the handlebar from the inside, resulting in a more responsive performance and improved sensitivity. The result is a handlebar that feels incredibly strong and rigid, AND acts to reduce impulse and vibrational fatigue. Testing with World Cup Dh racers like Mick and Tracey Hannah, has shown that by reducing the “white noise“ vibration from riding, Vibrocore™ handlebars enhance tactile sensitivity between rider, bike, and terrain, while reducing fatigue. When races are won or lost by milliseconds, this can make all the difference.

Dual XGT - Extreme gradual taper technology.
Dual Extreme Gradual Taper technology is a proprietary tube drawing process, afforded by SPANK‘s secret state of the art tooling. Dual XGT technology tapers Spank's bars from the thickest area at the bar clamping zone, slowly and GRADUALLY through the bend zones, to the thinnest areas at the control zones...AND...back to thicker reinforced barend zones, or “Impact Ends”. Tapers that occur over too short a distance, or with defined start/end points, create isolated stress zones where breaks can occur. SPANK has utilized FEA (Finite Element Analysis), laboratory, and rigorous real world testing to optimize the spread of material to where it is needed to withstand the specific forces at work in each zone, while offering better protection against crashes than ever before! The extreme precision enabled by Dual XGT drawing processes also eliminates the need for heavy hand grinding, with can result in imperfections and inconsistency in wall thickness, weakening bars.

CNC Bending - Computer controlled precision three dimensional bending.
SPANK went the extra mile in our handlebar production facility by investing in automated Three Dimensional CNC Bending machines, which offer better symmetry and consistency, and more importantly, limit material structural damage during the bending process. During traditional bending processes, bars are mounted in multiple fixtures and bent using mandrels around several sets of radius tooling. Each time the bar is fixtured, symmetry tolerances open. Damage caused to competitors bars during this traditional harsh mandrel bending processes is difficult to measure or detect, leaving the rider at risk. Furthermore, the imprecise and rough process tends to leave wrinkles, bumps and marks on the surface of the bars which must be removed by heavy grinding. Of course this can lead to thickness inconsistencies often in the most critical areas. The precision of 3D CNC Bending in a single fixture allows SPANK to optimize further the designs where others must overbuild with buffer material, and to eliminate the heavy grinding process, making Spank's bars lighter, stronger, and safer! SPANK has also taken extra work hardening steps to ensure the stem clamping area of the bar is uniformly cylindrical and true, and as tough as possible.

The bar can be shortened to 740 mm.
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Fact Sheet of Spank Spike 800 VibroCore MTB Handlebar - shotpeen black/yellow

Product Name: Spank Spike 800 VibroCore MTB Handlebar - shotpeen black/yellow
Manufacturer: Spank
Item Code: SPK226740
Year: 2018
Material: Super Six Alloy
Weight: approx. 340 gram (with 15mm rise | manufacturer information)
Bar width (mm): 800
Bend: 4° upsweep / 8° backsweep
Rise: 15/30/50mm
Ø Handle: 22.2mm
Ø Handlebar clamp: 31.8mm
Included in delivery: 1 handlebar
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