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Spank - Innovative Bike Components with Style

The company Spank impresses with innovative, stylish and absolutely advanced bike components, such as Spank handlebars or pedals. Their approach in combination with the cooperation with numerous mountain bike professionals has brought Spank quickly to worldwide fame. Today, you can find Spank Bike Parts on many mountain bikes. Meanwhile, the manufacturer also offers products for e-bikes and gravel bikes, among others.

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Spank - Stylish Bike Parts Paired with an Excellent Price-Performance Ratio

Spank has earned a good name in the mountain bike industry and stands for high-quality bike components. Combined with excellent value for money and lots of style, there is hardly a mountain bike in the bike park without Spank Parts. Spank wanted to develop innovative, modern and stylish bike parts and use new technologies. For this reason, Spank is one of the few companies in the bike industry that does any production steps in-house. Spank has its own departments for design, development, manufacturing and product testing. Short distances, flexible arrangements and fast reactions are the result and thus further building blocks to the success of the company Spank. 

Spank Bike Parts at BIKE24

What began at the time with a few special parts, has now developed into an extensive range that can be seen. The following Spank bike parts you can screw to your bike:

  • Spank Handlebars
  • Spank Pedals
  • Spank Stems
  • Spank Rims
  • Spank Saddles
  • Spank Wheelsets
  • Spank Grips

Spank is known for giving its bike parts an extra dose of style. For this reason, Spank handlebars, pedals and Co. are not only available in different installation dimensions, widths and diameters, but also in different colors. The Spank-typical anodized colors stand out and give your bike a special and individual look. 

Das Spank Vibrocore System

Modern mountain bikes ensure not only with their suspensions that vibrations are minimized when driving, but also with their material. Here Spank has started and presented a few years ago with the Spank Vibrocore technology something completely new. The material of aluminum is combined in the Vibrocore technology with a special, vibration-absorbing foam, so that occurring vibrations are damped better. This technology is used in Spank handlebars and Spank rims. The technology was developed in collaboration with numerous downhill professionals, such as Mick and Tracey Hannah. Thus, the functionality could be improved further and further. 

The Spank Vibrocore System

Spank Bike Parts are available for different applications. The majority of Spank handlebars, rims, pedals and many more, is particularly suitable for use in mountain biking. You will find Spank components for use on downhill bikes, enduro bikes, or trail bikes. For some time, special products for e-bikes and gravel bikes from Spank are also available.

Especially popular are the Spank pedals of the model series Spank Spike, Spoon and Oozy. With a combination of style, stability and a low weight, they score with many mountain bikers. The flat pedals from Spank are also characterized by their incredibly good grip. With a high-quality bike shoe slipping off the pedal is hardly possible. 

The Spank Gravel Bike Components

For a long time there were Spank exclusively bike parts for use on mountain bikes. However, this time is over. With the Spank Flare 25 and Spank Wing 12 handlebars, the company ensures that gravel fans get their money's worth. To get the bike rolling, there are two wheel sets for gravel bikers to choose from with the Spank Wing 22 and Flare 24.