Cane Creek Double Barrel Coil CS Shock

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Description of Cane Creek Double Barrel Coil CS Shock

Note: Delivery includes the Shock only. Other products shown (e.g. spring) serve solely illustrative purposes and will not be delivered.

Define your great!
High-End DH/FR Shock with a very wide adjustment range and great responsiveness by Teflon bushings from Norglide®. In addition to high and low-speed compression and rebound damping, it offers an climb switch Uphill setup with greatly increased low-speed damping to optimize the pedaling efficiency with simultaneous anti-bobbing technology. It was developed in cooperation with the Swedish company Öhlins, which has its roots in motocross sports since 1976. All parts of this shock are precision-machined for maximum performance and reliability for years. Through the use of the revolutionary Twin Tube Technology the Cane Creek DB Coil CS allows a great independent adjustability of compression and rebound. The DB Coil CS Shock is handcrafted in Fletcher/USA

Climb Switch
CS is a selectable climbing mode on Double Barrel shocks that allows the rider to retain the advantages of a fully suspended bike while climbing, without unwanted suspension motion. CS is not your conventional pedal-platform as it adjusts both LSC and LSR. By selectively tuning both compression and extension phases when climbing, the shock maintains better traction and control while enhancing pedaling efficiency through the shock's entire travel. Detailed: The CS feature modifies the Double Barrel damper to include two selectable damping circuits. By changing the position of a shock-mounted lever, the rider chooses which damping circuit is active. Damping circuit 1 has the same adjust ability and performance as traditional Double Barrel shocks and is externally tuned via LSC, LSR, HSC, HSR. Damping circuit 2 is tuned specifically for climbing to address low frequency dynamics for increased climbing efficiency while maintaining traction and control.

To best illustrate the advantage of CS, Cane Creek created the animation below using real data from dyno plots of a shock with CS off and then with CS on.

Twin Tube Technology
Exclusive Twin Tube Technology circulates oil continuously through the damping valving to achieve highly controllable, independent damping for both compression and rebound strokes. This unique design moves oil through externally adjustable valving instead of the main piston, allowing for superior tune-ability and eliminating the need for internal valving changes to achieve proper shock setup. The video explains this concept in more detail.

Norglide® bushing
This Teflon bushings are self-lubricating and custom manufactured to reduce maintenance and cause lower friction.

Four-way independent adjustability
Low Speed Compression is used to manage traction and chassis stabilization. LSC adjustment eliminates pedal induced "bob", influences small bump sensitivity, reduces brake dive and determines how the bike will react to weight changes. The DB Coil CS decouples LSC from HSC so the shock can address the aforementioned issues while still feeling plush and bottomless.

High Speed Compression is critical to absorbing energy from high impact forces, such as square edge hits and harsh landings. It also aids in bottom-out resistance. The DB Coil CS manages HSC through an adjustable poppet valve and full oil circuit flow path. The wide adjustment range allows for custom, rider-specific tuning.

Low Speed Rebound works in concert with LSC to stabilize the chassis and manage traction. It is analogous to the single rebound adjuster on most other rear shocks. Rider-tuned LSR adjustment (combined with LSC) ensures maximum traction during technical climbs, high-speed chatter, off-camber corners and braking in stutter bumps.

High Speed Rebound is an adjustment unique to the Double Barrel and the DB Coil CS, HSR control enables a bike to recover quickly from deep in suspension travel while allowing for controlled take-offs from jump faces. Independent control of HSR and LSR, eliminates bucking (a high shaft speed problem) while preventing the shock from packing up (a low shaft speed problem) by inducing quick recovery.

Note: The shock is delivered without coil! Please choose the corresponding shock size for your frame. Cane Creek helps you and offers the Shock Fit Finder for that. Bushings are not in delivery and must be ordered separately. 2 bushings are required!
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Fact Sheet of Cane Creek Double Barrel Coil CS Shock

Product Name: Cane Creek Double Barrel Coil CS Shock
Manufacturer: Cane Creek
Item Code: CCR262696
Year: 2018
Weight: approx. 454 gram (shock only 200mm | 50mm without coil, manufacturer information)
Adjustability: spring stiffness and preload, hi- and low-speed compression, hi- and low-speed rebound, Climb Switch
Included in delivery: shock, adjusting tool, w/o coil
  • Description
  • Fact Sheet
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