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veloToze Road Toe Covers - Viz Orange

veloToze Road Toe Covers - Viz Orange

Your Secret Weapon for Chilly Rides

Designed to keep cyclists' feet warm on those cool, foggy mornings, veloToze Toe Covers are the ultimate minimalist solution. Engineered from the lightweight, waterproof, and windproof material, these covers offer just perfect level of enhanced protection. Weighing less than 25 grams a pair, veloToze Toe Covers are virtually weightless. Their compact design allows them to fold up smaller than a spare tube, making them the ideal addition to your jersey pocket or saddle bag. You won't even notice until you need them. The veloToze Toe Covers windproof material forms a smooth, snug fit over the front dials and buckles of your cycling shoes, helps reduce aerodynamic drag. Cycling shoes often suffer from dirt and debris on the road, particularly at the toe area. veloToze Toe Covers act like a protective glove for your shoes, preventing unwanted splash and grime from tarnishing your prized cycling footwear. Triathletes, listen up! The Toe Covers are designed to fit your cycling shoes without interfering with your transition. Slip them over your cycling shoes before the start and leave them on throughout the race, saving valuable time in transition and on the bike course. Whether it's race day, a training session, or your daily commute, veloToze Toe Covers are an excellent choice for minimalists looking to enhance their riding experience, stay comfortable and protected in a variety of cycling situations. Designed for 13°C/55°F to 24°C/75°F riding condition.

Features of the veloToze Road Toe Covers

  • Water resistant: Designed to cover the toe of your shoe with a waterproof material that keeps fog, mist and spray off the road
  • Windproof: windproof materials keep your feet warm, even on chilly mornings
  • Lightweight: made from a flexible, lightweight material that does not retain water when wet
  • Aerodynamic: Smooth, flexible material ensures a form-fitting design
  • Easy to remove: If you warm up while riding, take them off quickly
  • Compact: Fits easily into a jersey pocket or saddle bag


Fact Sheet of veloToze Road Toe Covers - Viz Orange

Product Name: veloToze Road Toe Covers - Viz Orange
Manufacturer: veloToze
Item Code: VLT265767
activity: Cycling
gender: unisex
usage bikesport: Road Bike
textile fabric: Synthetics
season: All Season
Features: Windproof, Water resistant, Hi Vis / Reflective
shoe closure: Without closure
temperature range: +10°C / +18°C
fit: tight
shoe cover version: Toe warmer
Model year: 2022
Collection: Full year
Color: Orange, Neon
weight: 27g


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