Campagnolo DTI EPS V3 Interface Unit

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Description of Campagnolo DTI EPS V3 Interface Unit

Campagnolo DTI EPS Interface Unit V3 for Power Unit V3

Why do you need an interface? The EPS™ electronic drivetrain functions with digital signals. Because of this, the electronic drivetrain needs an interface, which performs the vital function of transforming the analogue signal received from the Ergopower™ controls into a digital signal, which is then transmitted to the Power Unit™. But the interface also has important functions such as:

  • displaying the battery charge status
  • processing information coming from the rear and front derailleur through the EPS™ Power Unit
  • registering the initial set-up and allowing micro adjustments of the rear and front derailleur even while riding
  • serves as a diagnostic mechanism displaying color coded signals for any eventual problem with the EPS™ drivetrain

Version 3 of the Campagnolo EPS Interface

The New V3 interface incorporates the lion’s share of the innovation placed in this award and race-winning electronic transmission. With its new design as well as a plethora of useful and innovative new technologies, this small component improves the EPS experience in a big way. Improved integration, facilitated and nofuss charging, improved led diagnostics and wireless technology that allows for increased interaction with the groupset are just a few of the improvements housed in its tiny structure.

Technologies of the DTI EPS Interface Unit V3

Enclosed and protected in the Power Unit™ and interface, "Digital Tech Intelligence" transmits, receives and processes data thousands of times a second. An electronic brain which instantaneously synchronises all the functions requested by the rider. With just a simple click of the controls, D.T.I™ transmits the corresponding signal instantly, accurately and reliably to the rear or front derailleur, for levels of performance and control feel never experienced before with a conventional drivetrain.

But as well as all this, the D.T.I. system also monitors the entire drivetrain and each of its components, continuously checking battery level and functionality, and checking that the rear and front derailleur are working correctly.

Zero Settings
The procedures to reset the rear derailleur and derailleur to zero are essential for the system to function. These procedures allow the system to learn the reference positions of the chain on the sprockets and chainrings, which will be used to calculate the positions that need to be used in all operating conditions.

During the resetting to zero phase the movements of the rear derailleur and derailleur occur continuously, and not through set movements as during adjustment, and they depend on the pressure time of levers 2 and 3. The position can be changed by even just a hundredth.

Riding Settings
The client can adjust the reference position of the rear derailleur and/or derailleur using the adjustment procedure known as Riding Setting. The adjustment of the rear derailleur is designed especially in case you change the wheel for one with a set of sprockets that are positioned differently with respect to the drop out. It is possible to start the procedure for either the rear derailleur or the derailleur from any chainring. Every time either keys 2 or 3 is pressed, the system performs a set displacement of 0.25 mm if you act on the rear derailleur, and approximately 0.1 mm if you act on the derailleur.

When you have completed the adjustment phase, the system will correct the established positions of all chainrings based on the new settings.

On Board Diagnostic - The EPS system is capable of automatically detecting a whole range of malfunctions.

If a malfunction is detected, the EPS system turns on an RGB led located on the power unit. Depending on the area where the malfunction has been detected the led takes on different colours, as per the table below.

Being that in some situations the cause of the malfunction making the led light up on the power unit may be temporary, a number of operations are recommended to the end user depending on the colour of the light that appears on the PowerUnit.

The special design of the interface lets the user choose between two different installation solutions: on the brake cable or on the handlebar mount.

A wireless system allows to communicate with “MyCampy” App by PC / Notebook / Tablet / Smartphone (BTLE), which allows the EPS groupset holder to personalize its own settings.

Weight: 35 g
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Fact Sheet of Campagnolo DTI EPS V3 Interface Unit

Product Name: Campagnolo DTI EPS V3 Interface Unit
Manufacturer: Campagnolo
Item Code: CAM267419
Manufacturer item code: IF16-EPS
Included in delivery: Interface Unit V3, mount
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