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Trangia Storm Cooker 27-2 UL - Stove System with Kettle

Trangia Storm Cooker 27-2 UL - Stove System with Kettle

This storm-proof stove system is based on simplicity. Two windshields that fit together, a burner, a kettle, a couple of pans, a combined lid/frypan and a handle. The Trangia stove is reliable, without unnecessary parts that can go wrong or be adversely affected by cold. The stove is quick to set up, and packs into a compact unit that takes up minimal space.

Series 27 offers good stoves for the lone walker or two people. Here too, large billies can be placed on the raised supports in the upper windshield.

Trangia Storm Cooker 27-2 UL contains

  • Saucepan 1l inner UL
  • Saucepan 1l outer UL
  • Kettle in aluminium 0,6l
  • Frypan Ø180 mm UL
  • Windsheilds upper & lower UL
  • Spirit burner with simmer ring & lid
  • Strap 61 cm
  • Handle


  • Dimensions: Ø185 mm x H100 mm
  • Fuel: Methylated spirit
  • Effect: 1000w
  • Total weight: 690g


Spirit Burner

The spirit burner is easy to use due to the simple construction. The simmering regulates the heat, and is used to save fuel or to extinguish the flame. The spirit burner works in all weather conditions. In severe cold, the winter attachment can be used. This consists of a pre-heater that is filled with fuel, lit and placed under the burner together with a reflective plate as a base. The spirit burner can be used with all of Trangia's stoves. One filling (max. 2/3 of its height) will burn in approx. 25 min. Boils 1 litre of water in 10 min (varies according to weather and quality offuel).



Ultralight Aluminium

Aluminium is a lightweight material that conducts heat well. Our aluminium stove systems spread heat quickly and evenly. This means that food does not burn and stick to the material. The hard surface makes the systems very resistant to scratching and wear. Ultralight aluminium is 50% stronger than ordinary aluminium. Consequently, less material is required which makes the stove systems lighter.


Fact Sheet of Trangia Storm Cooker 27-2 UL - Stove System with Kettle

Product Name: Trangia Storm Cooker 27-2 UL - Stove System with Kettle
Manufacturer: Trangia
Item Code: TGA271899
activity: Outdoor
material: Aluminium
dimensions (l/w/h): 185/185/100mm
stove version: Stove system
fuel: Spirit
stove power: 1000W
Model year: 2023
Collection: Full year
weight: 825g
Weight Source: Manufacturer
Manufacturer page: