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Enduro Bearings

Enduro Bearings BRT-005 Hub Press

Enduro Bearings BRT-005 Hub Press

The Enduro BRT-005 is your simple and clean answer when you need to press new bearings into either hubs or suspension pivots. The tool contains 18 unique bushing/bushing sets that allows it to adapt to all major sizes of bearings used for hubs and pivots.
All Enduro tools are Made in the USA. Each tool may have pre-anodized cosmetic defects. These do not affect the performance of the tool and are not an indication that the tool has been used.

Bushing sets for the following bearings: 6806, 6805, 6804, 6803, 6802, 6801, 6800, 608, 1526, 1728, 6903, 6902, 6901, 6900, 6000, 6001, R6, and one bushing for 22/24x37 bearings.

Fact Sheet of Enduro Bearings BRT-005 Hub Press

Product Name: Enduro Bearings BRT-005 Hub Press
Manufacturer: Enduro Bearings
Item Code: ENO280973
activity: Cycling
tool type: Remover / Extractor
Model year: 2024
Collection: Full year
weight: 300g
manufacturer item code: BRT-005
Manufacturer page: http://endurobearings.com/