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Digitsole Run Profiler Smartsole

Digitsole Run Profiler Smartsole


The Run Profiler offers you an analysis of your running movement in 3D and in real time.Thanks to an innovative technology, Run Profiler analyzes your movements and your activity in 3D and in real time. The Smartsole measures the characteristics of your steps (including length, frequency, contact time) and the 3D position of your feet (including impact zone, foot stability, roll-off...) to show you how you run and, more importantly, how to improve your running style. Of course, Run Profiler also maps all other parameters of your running session that are important for a runner, including pace, average speed, distance, number of steps, calories burned. This is made possible by Run Profiler algorithms developed by biomechanics engineers and running experts to analyze your individual running style and show you how to improve your performance!

Features of the Digitsole Run Profiler Smartsole

  • Antibacterial material
  • Weight: 167 g
  • Dimensions: 29x9.5x2 cm
  • Distance units: Miles or meters
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0
  • Compatibility: iOS (9.0 and above); Android (5.0 and above); Apple Health
  • Charging: USB cable with dual micro USB ports
  • Battery life: up to 7 days
  • Battery type: lithium polymer
  • Water resistance: IP56


Run Profiler optimizes your activity and provides personalized coaching. The insoles biomechanically analyze your individual running style and activity to show you how to run more energy-efficiently. With the integrated coaching system, you can now run longer, farther and more efficiently.


Pain and injury are the number one reasons runners stop running. Run Profiler's sensors can detect when you're at risk for injury by identifying when your posture becomes unstable and showing you where it occurred in your activity. Through posture analysis, Run Profiler finds out when your body is less responsive and can measure your level of fatigue during activity. To make this as useful as possible, Digitsole's running experts have integrated a coaching program so you can improve your fatigue resilience and run risk-free.


Run Profiler analyzes your running style to show you how to expend less energy and be more efficient.


For the ultimate coaching experience, Run Profiler is equipped with an audio control system in the app; as if you had a real coach by your side. So you don't have to look at your phone while running. The app gives you real-time information about your workout to continuously improve your performance and monitor your risk of injury.
Now you know when your warm-up is over or when it's time to pace yourself!


Run Profiler is an ergonomic and lightweight insole designed by runners for runners. The electronics in the insole weigh only 7 grams and are not bulky.
Run Profiler features several proprietary shoe technologies, including a flex zone that optimizes the natural movement of the foot, mid arch support to restore natural foot function, and an X-Torsion system to improve foot stability. Designed by podiatrists and biomechanical engineers, Run Profiler gives you full comfort and ease for your training session.

Package includes: 1 pair of insoles + Double Micro USB Cable + Instruction Manual.

Fact Sheet of Digitsole Run Profiler Smartsole

Product Name: Digitsole Run Profiler Smartsole
Manufacturer: Digitsole
Item Code: DGS334761
activity: Run
device functions: Cadence (optional or included), Calorie Consumption, Running Functions, Foot Pod, Pedometer
device version: Activity Tracker
Model year: 2017
weight: 167g
Manufacturer page: https://www.digitsole.com