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Description of Bike24 SnackBox Test Package

Amazing! Whether as a energy supply for training and competition or just as cravings in between - with carbohydrates or proteins: Try and enjoy the sporty snacks with our Bike24 SnackBox and save some money.

The following snacks are part of the package:

  • 1x Oat King The Masterpiece Oat Carbohydrate Bar - 115 g in the flavor Peanut Butter, Caramel & Belgian Chocolate
  • 1x GU Stroopwafel - Carbohydrate Syrup Waffle - 32 g in different flavors (selectable)
  • 1x SPONSER Whey Protein Chips - 35 g bag of Barbecue-flavor
  • 1x Body Attack Protein Truffles  - 80 g box in different flavors (selectable)
  • 1x Squeezy Energy Fruit Gum with Carbohydrates  - 50 g sachet of Fruit-flavor
  • 1x Barebells Protein Bar - 55 g in different flavors (selectable)

Product information:

Oat King The Masterpiece Oat Carbohydrate Bar

The Oat King is made of the finest ingredients and traditionally made by hand. An unforgettable taste experience. Fine, wholesome oats make up the basis of the hand-rolled Oat King Energy Bar. 100% vegetarian, completely free of gluten, wheat, preservatives and artificial colors and artificial flavors.

If you are in hurry, Oat King is a perfect quick breakfast. During the day and on the road it is a convenient way to fill in the energy gaps between meals. In addition, due to it's easy digestibility it is suitable during training and competition. The special baking method assures the consistency of the bar at both high and low temperatures and therefore is amazingly well suited to outdoor activities.

GU Stroopwafel - Carbohydrate Syrup Waffle

Created for daily use before and during training and competition, the GU Energy Stroopwafel delivers all the nutrients needed to power your performance: quality carbohydrates (immediate and long-lasting energy from complex and simple carbohydrates), essential amino acids (prevent mental fatigue and repair muscle damage during long-duration activities), and electrolytes (replenish what’s lost when you sweat). The Stroopwafel is made with a layer of delicious syrup between two thin wafers, and it’s individually packaged to make it portable and easy to take on a ride or run.

Usage: Perfect as a power supply before a morning training session or a competition.

SPONSER Whey Protein Chips

Whey Protein Chips from SPONSER is the ideal partner for health conscious chips lovers. As a matter of fact, the crunchy and spicy barbecue chips with whey protein isolate have a lot to offer not only in terms of taste, but also in terms of function. It contains 48% of protein, the composition is low carb (only 1 g of sugar) as well as low fat and completely without soya. Compared to conventional chips, the Whey Protein Chips contain 8x more protein, about 35% less fat and 65% less carbohydrates. So, the times when eating chips were called a sin are gone.

Usage: As a protein snack before/after activity or in-between meals.

Body Attack Protein Truffles

Body Attack Protein Truffles are protein-enriched sweets which are suitable both for figure-conscious individuals and for athletes. These delicious pralines contain much less sugar than traditional chocolate or pralines.

First and foremost athletes, and also people who wish to maintain their muscles while dieting, benefit most from a protein-enhanced diet. For if too few food proteins are included in the diet, the body must increasingly resort to its emergency reserves such as the muscle proteins. Therefore athletes and persons whose goal is to lose weight should pay attention to a protein-enhanced and low-calorie diet.

Usage: The Body Attack Protein Truffles can ever be consumed by protein requirements as an intermediate snack.

Squeezy Energy Fruit Gum with Carbohydrates

The tasty Squeezy Energy Fruit Gum is an ideal alternative to all traditional energy gels. Based on the proven ingredients of Squeezy gel and it is suitable for competition, training and leisure. The Fruit Gums contain maltodextrin as the main ingredient instead of simple glucose syrup. They also contain fructose, glucose and long-chain carbohydrates, as well as sodium and potassium. In addition, the Squeezy Fruit Gum are without artificial colors, sweeteners or flavors and is free from lactose and gluten.

Usage: A sachet of Squeezy Energy Fruit Gum (50 g) contains 36 g of carbohydrates. During sporting activities itŽs recommended to consume 1 - 2 sachets per hour. Please take notice of drinking enough water in addition to the fruit gums. The consumption of the fruit gums is recommended before and after sports.

Barebells Protein Bar

Tired of eating bars that feel and taste like cardboard? The Barebells Protein Bar has a very delicious taste. Despite its 40% protein content, this bar is incomparably good in its various flavors and is more than suitable as a snack or dessert.

Usage: 1 - 2 bars per day at any time of day. May have a laxative effect if consumed to excess.

Note: Please retrieve the single articles in our shop for information.

Nutritional supplements are not a substitute for a varied and balanced diet as well as a healthy lifestyle. The recommended dose should not be exceeded. Keep out of reach of small children. Store in a cool, dry place.

Food Information

  • Description
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Fact Sheet of Bike24 SnackBox Test Package

Product Name: Bike24 SnackBox Test Package
Item Code: NON342982
Vegetarian: Yes
Specific features: partly vegan, lactose-free, gluten-free
Included in delivery: 6 items:
1x Oat King The Masterpiece Bar - 115 g
1x GU Stroopwafel Waffles - 32 g
1x SPONSER Whey Protein Chips - 35 g
1x Body Attack Protein Truffles - 80 g
1x Squeezy Energy Fruit Gum - 50 g
1x Barebells Protein Bar - 55 g
  • Description
  • Fact Sheet
  • Availability**
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Item includes
Still 50+ in stock in stock, delivery time 1-3 days Oat King The Masterpiece Original Oat Carbohydrate Bar - 115g
Currently not in stock Not deliverable SPONSER Whey Protein Chips - 35g
Still 50+ in stock in stock, delivery time 1-3 days Squeezy Energy Fruit Gum with Carbohydrates - 50g Bag
Selection: GU Stroopwafel - Carbohydrate Syrup Waffle - 32g
Still 50+ in stock in stock, delivery time 1-3 days Flavor Caramel Coffee (with caffeine)
Still 43 in stock in stock, delivery time 1-3 days Flavor Hot Chocolate (without caffeine)
Still 50+ in stock in stock, delivery time 1-3 days Flavor Gingerade (without caffeine)
Still 50+ in stock in stock, delivery time 1-3 days Flavor Salty´s Caramel (without caffeine)
Selection: Body Attack Protein Truffles - 80g
Currently not in stock Delivery time 2-4 days Flavor Chocolate
Still 32 in stock in stock, delivery time 1-3 days Flavor White Chocolate Coconut
Selection: Barebells Protein Bar - 55g
Currently not in stock Not deliverable Flavor Cookies & Cream
Currently not in stock Not deliverable Flavor Caramel & Cashew
Currently not in stock Not deliverable Flavor Coconut-Choco
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