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Fulcrum Speed 40C Carbon Wheelset Clincher - black

Fulcrum Speed 40C Carbon Wheelset Clincher - black

Clincher tyres, 40 mm deep profile, 17mm inner width, full-carbon Twill… what more could you want from a racing bicycle wheel? Speed 40C represents the pinnacle of wheel design, it is a dream set of wheels for true roadbike lovers who will not settle for anything but the best.
But still this is not a specialist set of fragile lightweight design wheels, indeed Speed 40 C offers top performance in a wide variety of contexts: Fulcrum engineers like to think of this versatile wheel as an ideal half-way solution that does not take away anything but offers a great deal.

Using the solid and ultra-responsive structure - made possible thanks to the rear oversize flange and the Two-to-one™ spoke pattern - as a basis, Fulcrum has created an all-new rim, fibre after fibre, to enhance performance in two crucial moments of a race: acceleration and braking, which has now been optimized for any weather condition thanks to the use of AC3™ technology.

Speed 40C is designed for those seeking a winning set of wheels, built with the same technology chosen for the World Tour wheels but even more functional thanks to the clincher tyre. The 40 mm profile makes the most of aerodynamics and the flywheel effect while remaining balanced, easy to handle and quick on the climbs thanks to a balanced and reactive rim.

Special properties of the Fulcrum Speed 40C Carbon wheelset:

Rims: 40 mm deep "Twill" carbon rims with a 17C cross section: this wider base provides more grip, more comfort and a superior handling. The rims are made from unidirectional carbon, among the best-performing currently available on the market. Their brake tracks are featuring AC3 - All Conditions Carbon technology. It uses micro laser incisions on the surface to eliminate resins and to achieve better roughness.

Aerodynamics: The wide and rounded profile reduces the friction coefficient.

Nipples: The nipples are specially shaped to facilitate the assembly process and to stay in place without the addition of any other cushioning material.

Rear hub with oversize flange: Carbon hub with oversize aluminum flange and Two-to-One™ technology: the doubling of the spokes on the cassette side provides greater torsional stiffness and therefore a greater reactivity at each pedal stroke. This means greater efficiency in the transmission of power to the wheel.

Front hub: The front hub features a carbon body, aluminium flanges and small dimensions so it is extra light. Smoothness is ensured by the famous USB™ ceramic bearings.

Spokes: This setup provides aluminium aero spokes. They ensure optimal rigidity and aerodynamics.

P.E.O. (Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation) coated freehub body: The freehub body for Shimano-SRAM will be submitted to Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation treatment in the laboratory. Despite the thickness of the material being reduced to the minimum, the duration and strength are maintained with the benefit of a lower weight.

Technologies of the Fulcrum Speed 40C Carbon wheelset

2:1 Two-to-One™: On the rear wheel the number of spokes on the drive side is twice as much that of the opposite side. Greater stability of the wheel thanks to the perfect balance between the spoke tensions - greater torsional stiffness and greater reactivity.

Anti-rotation System™: Keeps the spokes in the position of maximum aerodynamic penetration.

MoMag™: Allows the external profile of the rim to be free of holes - increases structural resistance - makes a rim tape unnecessary and reduces the weight of the wheel.

USB™ ceramic bearings: Reduce the friction between ball and bearing, increase smoothness, reduce weight and maintain performance over time, thanks to the absence of corrosion.
Included in delivery: wheelset (FW & RW), wheelbag, spacer
Material: rim: carbon with AC3 brake tracks
fw hub: carbon body with aluminium flanges
rw hub: aluminium
nipples: aluminum
spokes: stainless steel
Weight supplement: per set | manufacturer infromation

Fact Sheet of Fulcrum Speed 40C Carbon Wheelset Clincher - black

Product Name: Fulcrum Speed 40C Carbon Wheelset Clincher - black
Manufacturer: Fulcrum
Item Code: FUL346597
activity: Cycling
material: Carbon
usage bikesport: Road Bike, Training, Competition
hubs: Aluminum with oversize flanges and adjustable bearing system
spokes: rounded stainless steel
shifting system: 9-speed, 10-speed, 11-speed
wheel size: 28" (29") (622mm)
axle standard: Quick Release
Wheel / Hub version: Wheelset, Wheelset 1300-1700g
Freehub: Shimano/SRAM HG, Campagnolo ED
braking system: Rim (Carbon)
tire type: Wire Bead Tire, Folding Tire
spoke hole number: 18
fitting tire dimensions: 25-50mm
ETRTO: 17-622
rim width: 24.2mm
rim profile height: 40mm
weight limit: 109kg
nipples: aluminium
Model year: 2022
Collection: Full year
Color: Black
weight: 1420g
manufacturer item code: Shimano: RS-18CFRS | Campagnolo: RS-18CFRC
Manufacturer page: