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Spank Spike 350 VibroCore Bead Bite 29 Inch MTB Rim - 32 Holes - shotpeen black/red

Spank Spike 350 VibroCore Bead Bite 29 Inch MTB Rim - 32 Holes - shotpeen black/red

The Spike 350 are the first rims using Spank's VibroCore technology which is a vibration damping core that also maximizes the torsional strength. Furthermore the Spike 350 rims feature the innovative and ground-breaking Bead Bite technology, an OohBah profile and are made of Dynamal alloy for the ultimate strength. The rims are 35mm wide with an inner width 30.5mm.

Against all current market trends the profile of the Spike 350 is very low with 17mm profile height. In laboratory testing, this lower and wider profile is showing around 30% more radial compliancy compared to a more conventional alloy rim. This added radial compliancy dramatically reduces deflection of the wheel when it hits abrupt obstacles. Instead of "jumping" off the intended line, the wheels are able to flex radially and move with the rider’s momentum and the bike’s direction. This is often referred to as the wheels “tracking” ability. This forgiving responsiveness will allow riders to start increasing tire pressure again as the wheel will itself contribute towards better traction, improving acceleration and rolling speed, and reducing tire rebound.

Spank Technologies

VibroCore™ is a proprietary, biodegradable, complex foam core that reduces vibrations. The low density, pressurized core performs a similar function to the soft tissue inside bones, increasing inner wall strength and absorbing vibrations. While adding just 40g to the overall weight of the rim, VibroCore foam core increases torsional strength and increases the overall fatigue life of the rim, meaning high durability at a remarkably low weight. In fact, VibroCore facilitates modern rim designs with thinner wall thicknesses in some areas, without any negative effect on strength and resilience.

Spank's unique patented OohBah™ profile with inverted tube well increases rigidity immensely compared to other rims currently available. Additionally OohBah™ allows to optimize the design and drastically reduce weight to offer the toughest performance hoops in their price to weight ranges.

BeadBite™ is a patented technology to enhance tubeless performance drastically. Simply put, it is a row of small parallel ridges inside the bead seat of the rim. The tire bead interlocks with those ridges to form a much more secure and better sealed connection with the chances of tire burping and air loss drastically reduced, even with super-low tire pressures.

Dynamal is a dynamically aged, complex and highly magnesium-silicon-copper enriched alloy. Compared to conventional alloy types, it shows significantly increased tensile strength and yield, without compromising fatigue life. Dynamal offers unmatched rigidity and resistance to permanent deformation.

Included in delivery: 1 rim
Material: Dynamal aluminum
Rim Joint: sleeved
Weight supplement: manufacturer information

Fact Sheet of Spank Spike 350 VibroCore Bead Bite 29 Inch MTB Rim - 32 Holes - shotpeen black/red

Product Name: Spank Spike 350 VibroCore Bead Bite 29 Inch MTB Rim - 32 Holes - shotpeen black/red
Manufacturer: Spank
Item Code: SPK367900
activity: Cycling
material: Aluminium
usage bikesport: MTB, Enduro, Downhill, Freeride
brake type: Disc Brake
wheel size: 29" (622mm)
tire type: Wire Bead Tire, Folding Tire, Tubeless Ready
ERD - effective rim Ø: 601mm
ETRTO: 30.5-622
valve hole diameter: 6.3mm
rim width: 35mm
inner profile width: 30.5mm
Model year: 2023
Collection: Full year
Color: Black
weight: 601g
Number of Spoke Holes: 32
Manufacturer page: