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RockShox Debon Air Upgrade Kit for Pike A1-A2 (2014-2017)

RockShox Debon Air Upgrade Kit for Pike A1-A2 (2014-2017)

This Upgrade Kit includes a Debon Air spring for Pike A1-A2 (2014-2017) that offers riders the best attributes of coil and air: low breakaway force, mid-stroke support, linear feel and tunable progression (with bottomless tokens).
Furthermore the latest version of Debon Air reduces friction from every single moving part, improving bump absorption and response under load, and drastically reducing rider fatigue.

Debon Air

It is ok to be soft. Debon Air is not ashamed to give way under the weakest push. In fact, it makes shocks plusher than ever, right from the start. It might seem a weakness, until you take DebonAir to the trail. The connection between your bike and the terrain will be seamless, as your DebonAir equipped shock absorbs every little hit without any harsh feeling on your body. A shock so soft, you can push way harder.

Lower force levels to move the shock into its travel 1st 1/3 of travel is what riders are most sensitive to.

No chop on initial hit. Better traction; rear wheel stays on the ground reacting to small bumps.
Weight supplement: manufacturer information

Fact Sheet of RockShox Debon Air Upgrade Kit for Pike A1-A2 (2014-2017)

Product Name: RockShox Debon Air Upgrade Kit for Pike A1-A2 (2014-2017)
Manufacturer: RockShox
Item Code: ROX376519
activity: Cycling
usage bikesport: MTB
fork spare parts: Internal Parts
Model year: 2023
weight: 57g
manufacturer item code: 00.4019.931.
Manufacturer page: