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AXA Echo 30 Steady Auto Front Light

AXA Echo 30 Steady Auto Front Light

The AXA Echo30 model is a universally usable dynamo front light with a surprisingly high illuminance of no less than 30 lux. The Echo30 offers an integrated retroreflector and optimal light distribution.

Both features are specifically designed to increase your safety by making you more visible to oncoming traffic and giving you a good view of the road ahead yourself.
The robust stainless steel bracket is suitable for any road type, but can also be replaced by a bracket for partial integration with the most common front forks.


Features of the AXA Echo 30 Steady Auto front light

  • 50 m 'see' 3000 m 'be seen'.
  • High power 30 lux LED light, more than 50.000 hours lifetime
  • Integrated retroreflector so you are visible to oncoming traffic
  • Clear Lens Technology, you are also visible from the side for other road users
  • Steady' function
  • Parking light, your lamp continues to shine for 4 minutes when stationary
  • Complies with German (StVZO), French and Danish regulations
  • Ergonomic control knob
  • The automatic version has a light/dark sensor that automatically switches your front light on or off.
  • Optimal light distribution due to special lens technology
  • Compact, sporty design Stainless steel bracket Other brackets available for semi integration
  • Suitable for use with flank or hub dynamo

Scope of delivery: front light incl. bracket and cable
Manufacturer's product ID: 93915995SC

Fact Sheet of AXA Echo 30 Steady Auto Front Light

Product Name: AXA Echo 30 Steady Auto Front Light
Manufacturer: AXA
Item Code: AXA378430
StVZO legal (German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations): yes
activity: Cycling
voltage: 6V
light mounting location: Fork
bike light version: Front Light
power supply: Side Wall Dynamo, Hub Dynamo
bike light properties: Stand Light, Automatic Switchon
Model year: 2021
Color: Black
weight: 90g
manufacturer item code: 93915995SC
Manufacturer page: