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Woolpower Skilled Classic 400 Socks - black/dark grey

Woolpower Skilled Classic 400 Socks - black/dark grey

The Skilled Socks 400 are perfect for colder temperatures.

Highlights of the Woolpower Skilled Classic 400 socks

  • The functional socks are designed to prevent the formation of blisters caused, for example, by shoe laces
  • The socks act like a second skin, as they do not slip even during high levels of sporting activity and maintain their optimum fit
  • There is a stabilizing, elastic band on the back that reinforces and tightens the front so that the sock sits firmly on the skin
  • A breathable mesh membrane is used on the instep of the foot to wick moisture away from the body
  • There is additional reinforcement at the heel

Details of the Woolpower Skilled Classic 400 socks

Woolpower AB in Östersund has been producing socks since the company was founded in the early 1970s. It is important to keep feet warm and dry at all times, both at work and during leisure activities. To achieve the best effect, wear a thin, well-fitting sock directly on the foot and combine it with a thicker sock if necessary.

It has not yet been possible to produce a synthetic fiber with such fantastic properties as wool. Wool can absorb up to 30 percent of its own weight in moisture without feeling damp. This is particularly important for the feet: sweat and moisture are wicked away from the socks without affecting the thermal insulation. Since absorbing moisture in an exothermic process produces what is known as absorption heat, wool actually produces heat. For this reason, the socks are warm even when damp. Woolpower socks are easy to care for and self-cleaning. The creatine in the wool naturally breaks down foul-smelling bacteria on the skin. Dirt particles and bad odors are carried away by water vapor so that the socks do not need to be washed as often. All Woolpower socks - from the yarn to the finished packaged product - are manufactured on special knitting machines in Östersund.

Material 68% wool, 30% polyamide, 2% elastane

Fact Sheet of Woolpower Skilled Classic 400 Socks - black/dark grey

Product Name: Woolpower Skilled Classic 400 Socks - black/dark grey
Manufacturer: Woolpower
Item Code: WOP395689
Material: 68% wool, 30% polyamide, 2% elastane
compression: no
activity: Outdoor
gender: unisex
textile fabric: Merino, Synthetics
washability: 30°C, do not iron, no dryer, no frabic softeners, do not bleach
season: All Season
socks length: medium
socks version: padded
Model year: 2024
Collection: Spring/Summer
Color: Black
weight: 94g
Manufacturer page: http://www.woolpower.de/


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Unisex - Socks

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