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Elite Fly Teams Bike Bottle 2022 - 550ml - Groupama FDJ

Elite Fly Teams Bike Bottle 2022 - 550ml - Groupama FDJ

The new Elite Fly Teams bike bottle is the lightest sports water bottle in the world thanks to the different thickness of each part, adapted to the specific functions. The Fly Teams water bottle is the bike bottle used by the best World Tour, Professional, Continental and Triathlon racing teams for the 2022 season. The Elite Fly Teams water bottle bears the respective racing design of the teams.

Features of the Elite Fly Teams Bike bottle 550ml

  • Extremely lightweight (from 54 g)
  • Maximum liquid delivery: the ergonomic cap with wider push-pull valve and the wider opening of Fly Teams guarantee high liquid delivery.
  • Less material, higher performance: the ergonomic squeeze structure guarantees an exceptional grip, how even with minimal hand pressure ensures a fast and above all abundant water jet.
  • Highly advanced materials: an exclusive odorless, soft and resistant plastic material, result of an experimental research project realized by Elite.The water bottle complies with European CE and American FDA regulations regarding contact with food. The components of the water bottle do not contain BPA (bisphenol A).The materials used are reusable.
  • Hygienic and easy to wash: The Fly water bottle has an opening that is 20% larger than the standard, to facilitate the filling of the liquid or supplements and at the same time the washing process. The Fly Elite water bottle can be conveniently washed in the dishwasher at 40 °.
  • Compact design: new distinctive design with clear racing references to ensure greater stability of the water bottle in the bottle cage and facilitate extraction during the race. With its standard diameter of 74 mm, it can be used with all traditional bottle cages available on the market. The Fly Elite has a compact shape that facilitates its use on smaller frames.


Fact Sheet of Elite Fly Teams Bike Bottle 2022 - 550ml - Groupama FDJ

Product Name: Elite Fly Teams Bike Bottle 2022 - 550ml - Groupama FDJ
Manufacturer: Elite
Item Code: ELI415165
activity: Cycling
material: Composite
dimensions (l/w/h): 74/74/185mm
Diameter: 74mm
bottle/ bladder/ cage version: Bottle, Ø 74 mm
Volume: 0.55l
Model year: 2022
Collection: Full year
Color: White, Red
weight: 54g
Manufacturer page: