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Garmin Forerunner 945 Tri Bundle GPS Smartwatch - black/blue

Garmin Forerunner 945 Tri Bundle GPS Smartwatch - black/blue

Forerunner 945 smartwatch with accessories for the next Triathlon

Forerunner 945 is the GPS smartwatch that's designed for the driven, the qualifiers, the elite. We made this watch for you: the up-at-dawn runners and the conditioned-for-pain triathletes. While you chase your next victory, make sure you've got the right tool for the job.

The Forerunner 945 Tri Bundle includes the chest straps HRM-Tri™ & HRM-Swim™, an additional black wristband and a quick release kit!

Highlights des Garmin Forerunner 945

  • Garmin Music: integrated music player, space for up to 1,000 songs
  • compatibility with music streaming services such as Spotify or Deezer
  • GPS, GLONASS and Galileo
  • pre-installed TopoActive Europe map with recommendations for wrist-based navigation
  • Performance monitoring features: VO2max & training status with adjustments for heat, altitude acclimation status, training load focus, recovery time, and aerobic & anaerobic training effects
  • Garmin Pay™ - contactless payment solution with your watch
  • Automatic incident detection
  • Extended running efficiency values
  • PulseOx sensor for measuring oxygen saturation in the blood
  • Wrist-based heart rate measuring, fitness tracker functions and Smart Notifications
  • Numerous activity profiles such as skiing, hiking, yoga and much more
  • Battery life: up to 2 weeks in smartwatch mode, 10 hours in GPS mode with music or up to 60 hours in UltraTrac™ mode
  • Tri HRM in a very compact format
  • Swim HRM especially for swim training
  • Quick release kit for time saving in the transition zone

Details of the Garmin Forerunner 945

Take your music on the go

Take your favorite music with you when you're on the run. Sync your carefully crafted playlists from select premium music streaming services1 such as Deezer, Spotify® and more for ad-free listening. You can store up to 1,000 songs right on your watch and transfer music from your own computer library as well. Then queue up your favourite playlist for easy listening through headphones enabled with Bluetooth technology.

Maximise performance

Forerunner 945 monitors your performance and even offers personalised insight, so you can train smarter, not harder. The smartwatch tracks your VO2 max and adjusts the value based on heat and altitude. Training status evaluates your recent exercise history and performance indicators to let you know if you're training productively, peaking or overreaching. See how your workouts influence the development of endurance, speed and power with aerobic and anaerobic training effect feedback.

Recovery time helps you maximise the benefit of your efforts by predicting when you will be ready for your next tough challenge. You can even view your overall training load, which measures your exercise volume from the last 7 days and compares it to the optimal range for your fitness and recent training history. And — new for Forerunner 945 — training load focus sorts your recent training history into different categories based on activity structure and intensity.

An easier way to pay

Whether you're running the city streets or riding densely covered trails, Forerunner 945 provides built-in mapping to help keep you on track. Full-colour mapping comes preloaded with map data optimised for at-a-glance navigation and location tracking. And the device also features Trendline™ popularity routing, which uses billions of miles of Garmin Connect™ data to help you find and follow the best trails and routes.

Analyse your running form

The Forerunner 245 Music GPS smartwatch also has the tools you need to improve your running form. The watch measures crucial running metrics such as cadence, stride length, ground contact time and balance, vertical oscillation and vertical ratio. These measurements are the key to understanding your form, so you can bring your best on every run and at every race. Your Forerunner 245 Music can start tracking these metrics with the addition of a compatible heart rate strap or the compact Running Dynamics Pod, which clips right onto your waistband.

Stay connected and secure

With Forerunner 945, you can head out for a training session without being out of touch. Once paired with your compatible smartphone, you'll be able to receive text messages and see social media updates, emails and more right on your wrist. Safety and tracking features make it easy to share your location with chosen contacts in case you need assistance — manually or automatically with built-in incident detection.

Track more than ever before

For such a lightweight watch, you'll be surprised by everything Forerunner 945 can track. It features multinetwork (GPS, GLONASS and Galileo) satellite reception to track in more challenging environments than GPS alone. It features wrist-based heart rate4 and a wrist-based Pulse Ox sensor5 which monitors blood oxygen saturation levels to support advanced sleep monitoring and altitude acclimation.

Workouts and training plans

Whether you're training for a marathon or something even longer, create your own custom workouts, or download free ones that sync right to your watch. Forerunner 945 also supports Garmin Coach adaptive training plans. These plans feature guidance from expert coaches and free training plans that adapt to you and your goals. It's a foolproof way to get to the finish line. As part of your training plan, it can even help you predict your race time.

Analyse your running form

The Forerunner 945 GPS smartwatch also has the tools you need to improve your running form. The watch measures crucial running metrics such as cadence, stride length, ground contact time and balance, vertical oscillation and vertical ratio. These measurements are the key to understanding your form, so you can bring your best on every run and at every race. Your Forerunner 945 can start tracking these metrics with the addition of a compatible heart rate strap or the compact Running Dynamics Pod, which clips right onto your waistband.

Run, sprint, swim, bike, tri

Change things up with ease, thanks to built-in activity profiles for running (indoor/outdoor), cycling (indoor/outdoor), swimming (pool/open water), cross-country skiing, paddle sports, trail running and many more. Forerunner 945 even has an auto multisport feature that lets you switch sports with a single button press for brick workouts and du/triathlon races.

A few more extras

Forerunner 945 is still an exceptional smartwatch for everything that happens between races and training sessions. All-day activity tracking keeps tabs on your steps and calories and even provides advanced sleep monitoring. For endless personalisation options, Forerunner 945 is compatible with the Garmin Connect IQ™ Store, where you can download free apps, widgets and data fields. Check out the Running Power app, which lets you see your running power in real time — as well as after your run.

Specifications of Garmin Forerunner 945


  • Physical dimensions: 47 x 47 x 13,7 mm (fits wrists with a circumference of 130 -220 mm)
  • Display size: 1.2" (30.4 mm) diameter
  • Display resolution: 240 x 240 pixels
  • Display type: sunlight-visible, transflective memory-in-pixel (MIP) - color display
  • Water rating: 5 ATM
  • Battery life: Smartwatch mode: up to 2 weeks; GPS mode with music: up to 10 hours; GPS mode without music: Up to 36 hours
  • Memory/history: 200 hours of activity data

Clock Features

  • Time/date
  • GPS Time Sync
  • Automatic daylight saving time
  • Alarm clock
  • Timer
  • Stopwatch
  • Sunrise/sunset times


  • GPS, GLONASS, Galileo
  • Garmin Elevate™ wrist heart rate monitor
  • Barometric altimeter
  • Compass
  • Gyroscope
  • Accelerometer
  • Thermometer
  • Pulse oximeter acclimatization

Daily Smart Features

  • Connectivity: Bluetooth® Smart, ANT+™, Wi-Fi®
  • Connect IQ™: downloadable watch faces, data fields, widgets and apps
  • Smart Notifications
  • Text response/reject phone call with text (Android™ only)
  • Calendar
  • Weather
  • Controls smartphone music
  • Plays and controls watch music
  • Music storage: up to 1,000 songs
  • Find my Phone feature
  • Find my Watch feature
  • VIRB® camera remote
  • Smartphone compatibility: iPhone®, Android®
  • Compatible with Garmin Connect™ Mobile
  • Garmin Pay™

Safety and tracking features

  • Incident Detection during select activities - smartphone required
  • Assistance - smartphone required
  • LiveTrack
  • Live Event Sharing (Android™ only)

Activity Tracking Features

  • Step counter
  • Move bar (displays on device after a period of inactivity; walk for a couple of minutes to reset it)
  • Auto goal (learns your activity level and assigns a daily step goal)
  • Sleep monitoring (monitors total sleep and periods of movement or restful sleep)
  • Calories burned
  • Floors climbed
  • Distance travelled
  • Intensity minutes
  • TrueUp™
  • Move IQ™
  • Fitness Age - in app
  • Body Battery™ Energy Monitor
  • All-day stress tracking

Fitness equipment/gym

  • Available gym activity profiles: Strength, cardio and elliptical training, stair stepping, indoor rowing and yoga
  • Cardio workouts
  • Strength workouts
  • Automatic rep counting

Training, Planning and Analysis Features

  • GPS speed and distance
  • Customisable screen(s)
  • Customisable activity profiles
  • Auto Pause®
  • Interval training
  • Advanced workouts
  • Downloadable training plans
  • Auto Lap®
  • Manual lap
  • Configurable lap alerts
  • Heat and altitude acclimation
  • VO2max
  • Training status (lets you see if you’re training effectively by tracking your training history and fitness level trend)
  • Training load (your total training load for the last 7 days calculated from estimated EPOC)
  • Training load focus
  • Training effect (aerobic & anaerobic)
  • Primary benefit (Training Effect labels)
  • Customisable alerts
  • Audio prompts
  • Finish time
  • Virtual partner
  • Race an activity
  • Auto multisport activities
  • Course guidance
  • Segments (Live, Garmin)
  • Strava features (Beacon, live segments)
  • Round-trip course creator (running/cycling)
  • Trendline™ popularity routing
  • Touch and/or button lock
  • Hot keys
  • Auto scroll
  • Activity history on watch
  • Physio TrueUp

Heart Rate Features

  • Heart rate zones
  • Heart rate alerts
  • Heart rate calories
  • % of heart rate max
  • % of heart rate reserve
  • Recovery time
  • Automatic maximum heart rate
  • HRV stress test (measures your heart rate variability while standing still, for 3 minutes, to provide you with an estimated stress level; the scale of this is 1 to 100; low scores indicate lower stress levels) - with compatible accessory
  • Records heart rate while swimming - with HRM-Tri™ and HRM-Swim™
  • Heart Rate Broadcast (broadcasts heart rate data over ANT+™ to paired devices)
  • Respiration rate (during exercise) - with compatible accessory

Running Features

  • Available run profiles: Running, indoor track running, treadmill running, trail running
  • GPS-based distance, time and pace - with compatible accessory
  • Running dynamics - with compatible accessory
  • Vertical oscillation and ratio (the degree of 'bounce' in your running motion and the cost-benefit ratio with stride length) - with compatible accessory
  • Ground contact time and balance (shows how much time, in the running motion, your foot is on the ground rather than in flight and lets you check your running symmetry) - with compatible accessory
  • Stride length (real time) - with compatible accessory
  • Cadence (provides real-time number of steps per minute)
  • Performance condition (after running 6 – 20 minutes, compares your real-time condition to your average fitness level)
  • Lactate threshold (through analysis of your pace and heart rate, estimates the point where your muscles start to rapidly fatigue) - with compatible accessory
  • Run workouts
  • Race predictor
  • Foot pod capable

Outdoor recreation features

  • Available outdoor recreation profiles: Hiking, climbing, skiing, snowboarding, XC skiing, stand-up paddleboarding, rowing, kayaking
  • Point-to-point navigation
  • Breadcrumb trail in real time
  • Back to start
  • TracBack®
  • UltraTrac mode
  • Around Me mode
  • Elevation profile
  • Distance to destination
  • Barometric trend indicator with storm alert
  • ClimbPro™ ascent planner
  • Trail run auto climb
  • Vertical speed
  • Total ascent/descent
  • Future elevation plot
  • Preloaded topographical maps
  • Downloadable cartography support
  • Compatible with BaseCamp™
  • GPS coordinates
  • Projected waypoint
  • Sight 'N Go
  • Area calculation - via Connect IQ™
  • Hunt/fish calendar - via Connect IQ™
  • Sun and moon information - via Connect IQ™
  • Dual grid coordinates
  • XERO™ Locations

Cycling features

  • Available cycling profiles: Biking, indoor biking, mountain biking
  • Courses
  • Bike lap and lap maximum power - with power sensor
  • Race an activity
  • Time/distance alerts (triggers alarm when you reach goal)
  • FTP (Functional threshold power) - with compatible accessory
  • Compatible with Vector™ (power meter)
  • Power meter compatible (displays power data from compatible third-party ANT+™-enabled power meters)
  • Advanced Vector support
  • Compatible with Varia Vision™ (head-mounted display)
  • Compatible with Varia™ radar (rear-facing radar)
  • Compatible with Varia™ lights
  • Speed and cadence sensor support (with sensor)

Swimming features

  • Available swim profiles: Pool swimming, open water swimming
  • Pool swim metrics (lengths, distance, pace, stroke count/rate, calories)
  • Stroke type detection (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly)
  • Swim efficiency (SWOLF)
  • Drill logging
  • Pool swim workouts
  • Open-water swim metrics (distance, pace, stroke count/rate, stroke distance, calories)
  • Heart rate (real-time during rests, interval and session stats during rests, and automatic heart rate download post-swim) - with HRM-Tri™ and HRM-Swim™

Golfing features

  • Preloaded with 41,000 courses worldwide
  • Yardage to F/M/B (distance to front, middle and back of green)
  • Yardage to layups/doglegs
  • Measures shot distance (calculates exact yardage for shots from anywhere on course) - automatic
  • Digital scorecard
  • Stat tracking (strokes, putts per round, greens and fairways hit)
  • Garmin AutoShot™
  • Auto CourseView updates
  • Green View with manual pin position
  • Hazards and course targets
  • TruSwing™ compatible
  • Round timer/odometer


  • Smartphone compatibility: iPhone®, Android™

Garmin HRM-Tri Heart Rate Monitor + Strap

Enhance your triathlon experience by pairing HRM-Tri with your compatible device. The HRM-Tri stores heart rate data when underwater, then forwards it to the device. Our smallest and lightest module fits within the width of the strap. Its soft, rounded edges and covered seams make the strap super-comfortable out of the water, too.

Garmin HRM-Swim Heart Rate Monitor + Strap

Take your training to the next level by pairing HRM-Swim with your compatible Garmin watch. Specifically designed for use in the pool, the sleek, non-slip strap stays in place, even during wall push-offs. Once you're out of the water, including when the torso is lifted out of the water mid-session, real-time heart rate, interval summaries and stored heart rate are transmitted to the compatible Garmin devices.

Garmin Quick Release Kit

Go from wrist to bike in seconds with your compatible Forerunner® GPS running/triathlon watch. Includes quick release bracket, wrist bracket, bike mount, 2 pins, 2 screws, 6 bike mount o-rings and installation screwdrivers.
(optional) Auxiliary equipment: HRM Dual - Heart Rate Monitor + Strap
HRM Run - Heart Rate Monitor + Strap
Running Dynamics Pod
Speed Sensor 2
Cadence Sensor 2
QuickFit Armband
Included in delivery: Forerunner 945
1 extra set bands (black)
HRM-Tri™ monitor + chestbelt
HRM-Swim™ monitor + chestbelt
Quick release kit
USB charging/data cable
Kind of functions: Daily smart features
Safety and tracking features
Activity tracking
Training, planning and analysis features
Running features
Outdoor recreation features
Cycling features
Swimming features
Fitness equipment/Gym features
Material: lens: Corning® Gorilla® Glas DX
bezel: Fiber-reinforced polymer
wristband: silicone
Size in mm (L/W/H): L: 47 x 47 x 13,7 mm
Fits wrists with a circumference of 130 bis 220 mm)
Speciality: Plays and controls Music
Wrist-based Heart Rate Measuring
Multisport Profiles
Pre-installed TopoActive Europe map
Stress focus for the last 4 weeks
Garmin Pay
Automatic Incident Detection
Smart Notifications
Weight supplement: smartwatch - manufacturer information

Fact Sheet of Garmin Forerunner 945 Tri Bundle GPS Smartwatch - black/blue

Product Name: Garmin Forerunner 945 Tri Bundle GPS Smartwatch - black/blue
Manufacturer: Garmin
Item Code: GAR430370
activity: Run
battery ernergy: 0.97Wh
transmission standard: ANT+, Bluetooth, WiFi
device functions: Altitude, Force-Efficiency-Kit, PC-/App-Analysis, GPS, HRM included, Cadence (optional or included), Plan Training on Device, Calorie Consumption, Temperature, Smart Notifications, Cycle Computer, Speed Sensor Bike (optional or included), Foot Pod, Audioplayer, Pedometer
device version: Sports Watch & Smartwatch
compass type: electronical
Display Features: Monochrome, Colored, Touchscreen, with Map Display
Model year: 2023
Collection: Full year
Color: Black, Blue
weight: 650g
manufacturer item code: 010-02063-11
Weight Source: Manufacturer
Manufacturer page: