Motorex Dry Power Chain Lubricant - 5 liters

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Description of Motorex Dry Power Chain Lubricant - 5 liters

Note: Delivery includes the Lubricant with the specified filling amount. Other products shown serve solely illustrative purposes and will not be delivered.

Motorex Dry Power chain lubricant for use in dry conditions

Biodegradable, fully synthetic oil wax-based lubricant. The Motorex Dry Power penetrates faster and forms a homogeneous surface that protects the chain against dirt and dust. This lubricant provides enhanced lubrication combined with outstanding protection against corrosion and wear and reduces abrasion. Ideal for lubrication in dry, dusty conditions.

Application of Motorex Dry Power:

After cleaning, lubricate the dry drive chain with one of our chain lubricants. The toothed rack casing does not need to be treated separately, because it is adequately lubricated by the chain itself. It makes more sense to lubricate the chain with a small amount of lubricant at regular intervals rather than lubricating the relevant components with a lot of lubricant once a year. When applying lubricant, always make sure that no spray or oil is allowed to make contact with the edges of rims or brake discs.

Apply the chain lubricant to the inner side of the chain. When doing this, hold a cloth under the chain in order to prevent the ground from becoming dirty. Turn the pedals evenly and slowly as you lubricate the chain (approx. four rotations are adequate). Remove excess lubricant with a cloth. Give the oil enough time to act - preferably overnight.
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Fact Sheet of Motorex Dry Power Chain Lubricant - 5 liters

Product Name: Motorex Dry Power Chain Lubricant - 5 liters
Manufacturer: Motorex
Item Code: MOT438424
Year: 2020
Included in delivery: 1 can with 5 l
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Customer Reviews
One of the best lube I have tried so far.
Its hit and miss with these dry lubes. This ones viscosity is very temperature dependend, around 5°C its like honey, around 25°C its like normal oil. It lubes fine i guess but sometimes I am unsure of it, but definately doesn't last beyond 150km. The Tip is nice.
I ride mostly XC/Trail/AM. This lube performs very good overall in dry conditions. It lasts about 100km and the chain stays relatively clean. Just follow the instructions and let it stay for awhile after application.
Best lube so far for a hot and dry weather. Runs smooth for about 60km of XC and keeps the chain clean.
nachdem ich mir in meiner letzten bestellung, hier auf Bike24 neben Dynamic Trockschmierstoff und Dynamic Kettenschmierstoff auch Motorex Dry Power als 100ml tropfflasche bestellt hatte, nun meine eindrücke zum produkt. tja, genau das gleiche wie bei vorher schon erwähnten anderen produkten -> ganz einfach super!! imo wird am 24/5 MTB getestet mitdem ich jeden tag zur arbeit gurke. laufleistung mit besorgungen jeden tag um die 50-60km. die Trockenschmierstoffe von Motorex sowie auch Dynamic halten gut 2-3 tage durch (je nach regen). Dynamic Kettenschmierstoff auch schonmal ne ganze woche. der vorteil beim Motorex ist die dosierspitze. man kann den kopf der flasche drehen und somit die menge bestimmen die austritt. sehr bequem.
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