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Assos EQUIPE RS Spring Fall Bib Shorts S9 - blackSeries

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Description of Assos EQUIPE RS Spring Fall Bib Shorts S9 - blackSeries

Built on the S9 platform, these shorts fill the gap between summer race bibs and spring/fall knickers with their insulating materials and aerodynamic fit.

It happens when we least expect it: The sting of cold air on our thighs and glutes cuts into us on the road, distracting us from the race at hand. It marks the beginning of when our summer bibs are no longer warm enough, but we’re not quite ready to reach for our knickers. Enter the EQUIPE RS Spring Fall Bib Shorts S9 - tuned for cool fall and spring racing conditions where shorts are still in order, but now with a dose of thigh-warming comfort and protection.

Based on the EQUIPE RS S9, these shorts include the A-Lock Engineering framework to brace the shorts and ensure they remain stabilized in the toughest racing environments. The shorts’ thigh panels are constructed with brushed-back OSMOS Heavy textile, which adds to this stable platform. This is the latest member to join the brushed family of fabrics, and its technical two-in-one composition provides us with several advantages.

The first is that the brushed interior is highly insulating, breathable, and super soft against our skin. The warp-knit outer acts as the “shell” of the shorts, further supporting your leg muscles with its compressive structure. Together, these two components of the textile create a nice compressive hold on our legs, encouraging positive circulation and uniform warmth throughout. Knowing that the wind-facing front panel takes the brunt of the elements, Assos applied SPHERE Ultra textile in a double-layer twinDeck construction to lock out the icy cold air around the crotch, while still remaining breathable.


For the insert, Assos incorporated the race-proven EQUIPE RS Insert - minus the kraterCooler ventilation holes - in signature basalt colorway, equipped with superAir microShock foam, 3D waffle topsheet, along with the Assos-exclusive goldenGate technology and horizontal stabilizer in the rear.


Features of the Equipe RS Bib Shorts

  • A-Lock Engineering: S9 system of textiles and technologies working in harmony to stabilize the shorts and secure the insert in place.
  • OSMOS Heavy: This warp-knit is the main bib short textile and the heaviest in the brushed Osmos family (290g/m2), featuring asymmetrical stretch and a soft, durable construction. High levels of insulation are derived from the brushed skin-facing side.
  • SPHERE Ultra: Applied in twinDeck double-layer construction on the front crotch panel for added thermal insulation. A patented 2L windproof, waterproof, and highly breathable softshell constructed with a PU bonded membrane for added water-repellency - maximizing insulation while minimizing bulk. Weight: 150g/m2; Elasticity: Bistretch.
  • rollBar: A patented bracing design that mimics a race car’s anti-sway bar by using the bib straps to stabilize the insert and lock it in place as your weight transfers from left to right while cornering.
  • ergoBox: A square pattern construction that effectively frames the insert in the back, boxing it in for added stability.
  • Butterfly Pattern: The primary textile panel fully wrapping the lower back and legs, coming together in the rear. Fewer seams leads to a more uniform hold, less weight, and greater comfort.
  • Carbon Xbib: A single section of elastic material - folded over on itself - forming a supportive A-frame that delivers limited vertical stretch in the rear. Above the “X” junction, a more flexible material is employed, incorporating an antibacterial carbon weave, to wick moisture and lay flat in the front.
  • Ultralight Leg Grippers: New Lycra leg band structure naturally grips the thigh - free of silicon treatment - to deliver a smooth, ultralight hold.
  • EQUIPE RS Insert (no krater): Race-spec elastic interface insert in 3D basalt colorway, minus the kraterCooler ventilation holes in the front.
  • superAir microShock foam: A lightweight open cell foam with a shock absorbing composition that returns to its original position, filling the gap every time pedaling position is changed in the saddle through the shift of weight.
  • 3D waffle: A patented, three-layer perforated foam that increases breathability and eliminates excess weight.
  • goldenGate: A patented technology that interrupts the stitching along both of the insert’s side panels, allowing a more three-dimensional freedom of movement in this sensitive, rotational area.
  • Horizontal Stabilizer: A patented central stitch that secures the rear of the insert to the outer textile, eliminating shifting while pedaling out of the saddle.

Material 59% polyamide, 24% polyester, 17% elastane

  • Description
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Fact Sheet of Assos EQUIPE RS Spring Fall Bib Shorts S9 - blackSeries

Product Name: Assos EQUIPE RS Spring Fall Bib Shorts S9 - blackSeries
Manufacturer: Assos
Item Code: ASS457187
Material: 59% polyamide, 24% polyester, 17% elastane
Dangerous goods: no
activity: Bike
gender: men
season: Summer, Spring/Autumn
fit: tight
leg length: short
pants / shorts version: Bib shorts/tights
Model year: 2020
Season: Spring/Summer
Color: Black
  • Description
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  • Ratings (1)
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Fahre seit Jahren Assos Mille Hosen in Regular Fit mit S7 und Vorgänger Polster, seit einem Jahr auch eine Equipe mit S7 Polster in Racing Fit. Die Equipe ist am Beinablschluß etwas einengend. Diese nicht, die ist noch mal eine deutliche Verbesserung. Keine Faltenbildung, kein nachrutschen nach Wiegetritt oder ähnliches. Die Hose sitzt so gleichmäßig, dass sie nicht spürbar ist. Das Temperatur Management ist ebenfalls top. Wärmt ohne schwitzig zu sein, hält den Wind perfekt ab. Muskulatur fühlt sich gut an. Kann die Hose wärmstens empfehlen. Langlanglebigkeistest steht noch aus, habe bisher nur gute Erfahrungen mit Assos Bekleidung gemacht.
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