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Wolf Tooth Elliptical Camo Chainring Aluminum for Camo Spider - HyperGlide+ 12-speed - black

Wolf Tooth Elliptical Camo Chainring Aluminum for Camo Spider - HyperGlide+ 12-speed - black

Camo Spider for Shimano HG+ 12x

Wolf Tooth has developed the CAMO (Chainline and Material Optimisation) range so that you can replace the original Direct Mount chainring with the Spider/Chainplate Setup if necessary.

By fitting Spider + Wolf Tooth single chainring, you can adjust the chainline to suit your riding habits, achieve greater shifting precision and at the same time reduce costs when the chainring needs to be replaced. The icing on the cake: The spiders are available in different colors and pimp the look of your bike with them!

The new Shimano XTR, XT, and SLX 12spd Hyperglide+ chain works differently than other products on the market so Wolf Tooth engineers developed a completely new tooth profile to provide optimal chain retention and durability when using this new chain technology.

  • The new HG+ chain interacts with the chainring much differently than a traditional wide/narrow design. Wolf Tooth engineers spent the time to understand how the system works and design a new tooth profile that is optimized for this system.
  • Engineered proprietary tooth profile maintains the quiet and smooth performance of the HG+ drivetrain with legendary Wolf Tooth chain retention.
  • Prevents premature ring and chain wear that can come from non-optimized profiles.


More power? Check. Better traction? Definitely. Less shifting? Yup. Funky uneven pedal stroke? Not with Wolf Tooth’s PowerTrac Elliptical™ (PTE) chainrings. The proprietary design means a slightly less ovalized ring (10%) with less aggressive timing (112°) than competitors’ versions; any change to your pedal stroke is unnoticeable for most riders, but they still provide the POWER and TRACTION benefits inherent to oval chainrings.

It’s like having two chainrings in one! With PowerTrac Elliptical rings, the larger-diameter section of the ring engages with the chain at the optimal point on the downstroke, or "Power Zone" – between 1-5 and 7-11 on a clock face – to take advantage of your body’s natural biomechanical POWER: For example, during this section, a PTE 34t ring is equivalent to a 36t round ring. Similarly in the "Recovery Zone" (11-1 and 5-7), the smaller section on the PTE ring engages, maximizing EFFICIENCY in the weakest part of the pedal stroke; here the PTE 34t ring is equivalent to a 32t round ring.

Additionally, the above provides a smoother, more efficient pedal rotation, which means better TRACTION. Steadier torque on the rear wheel means less spinning out in the "Power Zone", while pedaling is easier during the "Recovery Zone", so you maintain momentum.


  • Compatible with Shimano 12-speed Hyperglide+ chains.
  • Only compatible with Wolf Tooth CAMO Spider. NOT compatible with other chainring mounts!
  • This chainring can only be mounted with the CAMO Spider (sold separately).

Fitting for derailleur: Shimano 12-speed HyperGlide+
Included in delivery: 1 elliptical CAMO chainring
Material: Aluminium
Weight supplement: manufacturer information

Fact Sheet of Wolf Tooth Elliptical Camo Chainring Aluminum for Camo Spider - HyperGlide+ 12-speed - black

Product Name: Wolf Tooth Elliptical Camo Chainring Aluminum for Camo Spider - HyperGlide+ 12-speed - black
Manufacturer: Wolf Tooth
Item Code: WTC467405
activity: Cycling
usage bikesport: MTB
number of gears - front: 1
shifting system: 12-speed
chainring version: Narrow-Wide , oval
number of teeth: 32
Model year: 2024
Collection: Full year
Color: Black
weight: 32g
Manufacturer page: http://www.wolftoothcycling.com