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Spank Spike 800 VibroCore XGT MTB Handlebar - shotpeen black/blue

Spank Spike 800 VibroCore XGT MTB Handlebar - shotpeen black/blue

World of Mountainbike Award 2018!

Alloy handlebar strength and value, with carbon-killer comfort and performance. Spank Industries award winning Spike 800 Vibrocore™ bar is the first revolutionary alloy handlebar design in decades. This DH race tuned bar was developed with World Cup pros Mick and Tracey Hannah, to combat the debilitating effects of hand-arm numbness and arm-pump. Spank's proprietary Vibrocore™ technology injects a complex foam core into the bar's center, effectively damping the sustained high frequency vibrations which lead to discomfort. In addition to carbon like comfort, the Spike 800 Vibrocore™ delivers strength and stiffness unmatched by conventional alloy bars as well as vastly enhanced fatigue life.

Technologies of the Spank Spike 800 VibroCore XGT


VibroCore is a proprietary, biodegradable, complex foam core of precisely controlled density. Injected into Spank Industries handlebars, it reduces the harmful vibrations which can lead to hand-arm numbness as well as arm-pump, while at the same time it increases the overall bar stiffness and fatigue life.

Dual XGT

The Dual Extreme Gradual Taper technology is a proprietary tube drawing process, afforded by Spank's secret state of the art tooling. It tapers bars from the thickest area at the bar clamping zone, through the bend zones, to the thinnest areas at the control zones and back to thicker reinforced barend zones.

CNC Bending

Spank uses automated 3D CNC bending machines, which offer better symmetry and consistency and limit material structural damage during the bending process. The precision of 3D CNC Bending allows Spank to optimize their designs where others must overbuild with buffer material. Furthermore it eliminates heavy grinding processes, making bars lighter, stronger, and safer! Spank has also taken extra hardening steps to ensure the clamping area is uniformly cylindrical and true, and as tough as possible.

Fact Sheet of Spank Spike 800 VibroCore XGT MTB Handlebar - shotpeen black/blue

Product Name: Spank Spike 800 VibroCore XGT MTB Handlebar - shotpeen black/blue
Manufacturer: Spank
Item Code: SPK467664
activity: Cycling
material: Aluminium
usage bikesport: MTB, Enduro, Downhill, Freeride
Handlebar Clamp Ø: 31,7 / 31,8mm
Handlebar Design: Riserbar
Handlebar Properties: Backsweep, Upsweep
bar width: 800mm
Model year: 2023
Collection: Full year
Color: Black, Blue
weight: 360g
Manufacturer page: http://spank-ind.com/