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Wolf Tooth Encase Bar Kit One Multi Tool Kit with Storage Sleeves

Wolf Tooth Encase Bar Kit One Multi Tool Kit with Storage Sleeves

Wolf Tooth EnCase™ System

In-bike storage and essential riding tools that can meet the needs of almost any trailside repair. Durable, flexible storage sleeves make for a secure, clean place to stow EnCase™ System tools or other small items. Fits most mountain bars and most road bars thanks to a storage sleeve with a customizable rubber flap that can be cut to meet your handlebars inner diameter.

Bar Kit One

The EnCase™ System: Bar Kit One includes a Hex Bit Wrench Multi-tool, a Chain + Tire Plug Multi-tool, and two Storage Sleeves.

Hex Bit Wrench Multitool

  • 14 functions (spoke wrench; valve core wrench; flat head #3.5; Phillips #2; 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, and 8mm hex; and T10, T25, and T30 Torx compatible).
  • Magnets & O-rings keep all parts in place.
  • Ball detent swivel head helps access hard-to-reach places.
  • Handle doubles as breaker bar for extra torque when tool head is bent.
  • Store in handlebar with EnCase™ Storage Sleeve.
  • Magnet on the bottom of tool for convenient storage on steel bike stands (or refrigerators).

Chain + Tire Plug Multi-Tool

  • Compatible with all bicycle chains including 12-speed.
  • Inserter tool and bacon strips plug holes in tubeless tires.
  • Five strips included.
  • Hardened steel pin for lifetime durability.
  • Requires 4mm hex for chain tool driver which can be found on the EnCase™ Hex Bit Wrench.

Storage Sleeves

  • Vibration-damping material and snug fit prevents rattling Durable precision-machined aluminum end caps.
  • Custom fit rubber flap can be trimmed to fit in smaller diameter bars.
  • Bonus storage space—fits a presta-to-schrader adapter and valve core or a master link (both sold separately EnCase™ System Extras).
  • Includes Drop Bar Fit Kit to customize fit for larger-diameter road handlebars.


  • Fits most mountain handlebars and road handlebars.
  • Does not fit ergonomic-style road bars with extra bends in the drops.
  • Works with both carbon and aluminum handlebars.
  • Minimum internal bar diameter is 17.5mm.
  • Known incompatible handlebars: Syntace Vector, Diety Skywire, Jones H-Bar Loop SG 2.5, Chromag BZA

Tech Specs

  • Weight:
    Bar Kit One: 132g
    Hex Bit Wrench Multi-Tool: 50g
    Chain + Tire Plug Multi-Tool: 46g
    Storage Sleeves: 36g
  • Material:
    Hex Bit Wrench Multi-Tool: 7075-T6 Aluminium | CrV steel
    Chain + Tire Plug Multi-Tool: 7075-T6 Aluminium | CrV steel | butyl strips
    Storage Sleeves: EPDM rubber, end caps: 6061-T6 Aluminium

Included in delivery: EnCase Hex Bit Wrench multitool, EnCase chain + tire plug multitool, EnCase storage sleeves
Material: Aluminium ||| Steel ||| Composite
Weight supplement: manufacturer information

Fact Sheet of Wolf Tooth Encase Bar Kit One Multi Tool Kit with Storage Sleeves

Product Name: Wolf Tooth Encase Bar Kit One Multi Tool Kit with Storage Sleeves
Manufacturer: Wolf Tooth
Item Code: WTC469443
activity: Cycling
tool type: Allen Hex Key, Chain Tool, Philips Screwdriver, Spoke Spanner, Screwdrivers, Torx
Model year: 2024
Collection: Full year
weight: 132g
Manufacturer page: http://www.wolftoothcycling.com