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Elite Sterzo Travel Block

Elite Sterzo Travel Block

For an intensive training!

The Elite Sterzo is a travel block with steering function and a interesting addition for your home trainer. With it you can significantly change the riding experience and steer your bike as if you were really riding on the road. Position the front wheel on the steering unit and enjoy the fun of a captivating and realistic indoor ride.


Key features of the Elite Sterzo

  • makes the training more realistic and entertaining
  • allows a rotation up to 34° per side
  • automatic retrieval system
  • non-slip rubber feet
  • Compatible with tires up to 56mm


Details of the Elite Sterzo

Thanks to a registered design, the Sterzo allows the front wheel to turn freely up to 34° on each side. The unit has a practical automatic return system that allows you to return the handlebars to their original position with great naturalness. The Sterzo has comfortable non-slip rubber feet that protect the surfaces from scratches and abrasion.

Indoor cycling has been in constant growth in recent years. Thanks to new instruments and pedalling options, training on wheels is becoming more realistic and fun. Not only does the Sterzo allow you to turn the handlebars comfortably, but you can also take advantage of the steering capabilities of your indoor cycling software. If the software or app you normally use to train has already implemented the Steering, connect the phone to the handlebars and capture the movements. This allows you to change the direction of your avatar, position yourself at different points on the road or overtake other cyclists. Check first if this function is supported by your indoor cycling platform.

Fact Sheet of Elite Sterzo Travel Block

Product Name: Elite Sterzo Travel Block
Manufacturer: Elite
Item Code: ELI490868
activity: Cycling
material: Composite
usage bikesport: Hometrainer
trainer accessories: Front wheel supports
Model year: 2022
Collection: Full year
Color: Black
Manufacturer page: