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Ballistol BikeDryLube PTFE - Spray 200ml

Ballistol BikeDryLube PTFE - Spray 200ml

High-quality PTFE spray for your bike for a durable dry lubricant, noticeable friction reduction and a high slipperiness. Durable and permanent dry lubricant for all sensitive parts on the bicycle, e.g. suspension fork, rear shock or height adjustable seatpost tubes. BikeDryLube is silicone-, acid- and resign free.

The PTFE (Teflon®)-particle adhere on microscopically small surface irregularities and grease, protect and preserve the parts. On the treated spots adhere neither dust or dirt. The coating provides a high slipperiness and reduces the adhesion-, sliding- and rolling friction.

BikeDryLube is silicone, acid and resin-free.

Fact Sheet of Ballistol BikeDryLube PTFE - Spray 200ml

Product Name: Ballistol BikeDryLube PTFE - Spray 200ml
Manufacturer: Ballistol
Item Code: BTL494576
activity: Cycling
care & clean product : Special Lubricants, With Teflon, Spray
lubricant area of application: Fork / Shock
content: 200ml
Model year: 2021
Manufacturer page: http://www.ballistol.de