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Fe226 TEM Perfect Posture™ Top - black

Fe226 TEM Perfect Posture™ Top - black

  • Supports a more upright running style
  • Supports the shoulders and upper back
  • Supports the torso and prevents sideways swerving movements

The TEM Perfect Posture Running Top is a training tool for all runners. And the difference is noticeable! The Perfect Posture Top was developed in close cooperation with the German biomechanics experts from gebioMized and can positively influence running technique in several ways: It stabilizes and improves posture, makes you a more upright runner and prevents too much right-left tilt. It also improves power transmission from the torso to the hips. Combine it with the Fe226 TEM Muscle Activator Running Short for maximum effect. Both training tools are designed to work together.

More than two years ago Fe226 started looking for solutions against widespread uneconomical running postures. In the development group they had gathered gebioMized's biomechanics and measurement experts, physiotherapists, running coaches, experienced product testers and professional athletes.

Fe226's mission: to develop a running top that helps runners in daily training to run more efficiently, with more endurance and with reduced susceptibility to injury - to become a better runner. It should stabilize and correct "bad" running postures.

The solution is the Fe226 Perfect Posture™ Running Top. A training tool that can stabilize the torso, shoulders and pelvis.

  • Your upper body no longer falls forward
  • Less lateral tilting of your upper body
  • More upright running, especially in the hip region
  • More stable and relaxed shoulders

The revolutionary Fe226 Perfect Posture Running Top stabilizes your torso, hips, and shoulders for

  • Easier breathing ("open chest")
  • Less shoulder tension
  • Less sideways swerving
  • Better power transfer from torso to hips

The Fe226 Perfect Posture™ Running Top is made up of three different pieces of fabric that are sewn together in a way that can support you without restricting your mobility too much.

  • The shoulder panel with compression effect ensures a good, upright posture, relaxed shoulders and prevents falling forward when tired on longer distances. Especially if you sit a lot (in the office), this support will help you. This is particularly important for your running efficiency because it ensures better breathing and also enables a stable transfer of arm and shoulder movement (the motor of your running technique) to the hips and legs.
  • The torso panel - also with compression effect - ensures that you don't tilt as much under fatigue at the waist and prevents lateral tipping of the upper body. It also improves power transfer between your hips and your legs.
  • The thinner fabric inserts on the chest and back provide mobility, cooling, breathability and quick drying.

To prove the efficiency of the Fe226 Perfect Posture™ Running Top, Fe226 tested it together with the gebioMized®-Tem in Münster, Germany - outside, where you are mostly running. The results are impressive:

  • Less forward tilt at the waist
  • More upright upper body
  • Significantly less lateral movement

Design and Construction:

The TEM Perfect Posture Top is based on biomechanical, physiotherapeutic and kinesiological findings. These lead to:

  • Targeted compression panels on lower back and for shoulder stabilization
  • Targeted compression panels around the torso provide a more upright posture with less side-to-side movement
  • Breathable compression panels with a wind-permeable fabric structure that keeps you cool on hot days
  • The fabric is a cooling compression fabric that wicks sweat, dries quickly and - as always with Fe226 - is anti-bacterial and odour-free
  • All seams are 5-way stitched for maximum durability and stretchability
  • Highly reflective prints for maximum visibility

The unique material mix:

  • Cooling compression: The compression fabric has a natural cooling effect
  • Quick-drying: the structure of the fabric allows it to dry quickly and it has been treated with an ecological Quick-Dry treatment.
  • Sweat wicking: The fabric has natural sweat wicking properties to keep you feeling dry.
  • Pilling resistance: The fabric's durability has been proven by the Martindale Abrasion Resistance Test with no points deducted.
  • Anti-Bacterial: The fabric is anti-bacterial and therefore odourless.
  • UV protection: 50+
  • Oeko-Tex® Standard 100

Care instructions:

  • When wearing this garment for the first time, make sure you don't put light-colored clothes on over it, as it can cause discoloration.
  • Turn inside out before washing.
  • Wash dark garments separately.
  • Wash on gentle cycle or hand wash in cold water.
  • Use mild detergent and no fabric softener.
  • Do not wring out under any circumstances.
  • Do not use bleach.
  • Do not tumble dry.
  • Avoid drying in direct sunlight or heat.
  • Must not be ironed.
  • May not be dry cleaned.


All Fe226 sports products are antibacterial and therefore odorless. So you can wash your clothes less often - and they'll last a lot longer! Good for you. And good for the environment.
Feel better

You know how it is: after a few months your new sports clothes start to smell. Even after washing. Not with Fe226! With odourless clothes, you'll feel better both during your workout (especially if you like to exercise with others) and afterwards when you hang your clothes out to dry. It's a huge benefit if you keep your commute active and your gym clothes dry in the office.

Longer lasting
Instead of throwing your gym clothes in the washing machine after every workout, you can just rinse them with water and hang them to dry. And only fill your washing machine every 3rd-6th time (or even less often). Less washing and less bacteria build-up will make your clothes last much longer, so you won't have to buy new ones as often. That's better for the environment - and your wallet.

Better for the environment
When it comes to sportswear, a large part of the environmental footprint comes from home use - 50-70%. Wearing an item of clothing more often without washing it can significantly reduce this percentage. You save water and energy, produce less Co2 and the amount of microplastic that can come off during washing is significantly reduced.
It all starts with washing less! You know what many companies do to test a new product? Off to the washing machine - because that's the ultimate stress test. If you wash your odorless product less often and therefore use it nine months longer than a comparable item, you can reduce water usage by nearly 20%, Co2 emissions by more than 15%, and waste generated by 8%.

PS: Washing less often once a week means three more days of free time in a year. Not bad either, right?

Main fabric: 59% polyamide, 41% elastane
Ventilation: 60% polyamide, 40% elastane

Fact Sheet of Fe226 TEM Perfect Posture™ Top - black

Product Name: Fe226 TEM Perfect Posture™ Top - black
Manufacturer: Fe226
Item Code: FEF532603
Material: Main fabric: 59% polyamide, 41% elastane
Ventilation: 60% polyamide, 40% elastane
activity: Run, Trailrunning
gender: men
textile fabric: Synthetics
season: Summer
fit: tight
sleeves: Sleeveless
Model year: 2022
Collection: Spring/Summer
Color: Black
weight: 125g


In the following tables you will find information on the dress sizes of the manufacturer .

Category: Outerwear / Pants



International XS S M L XL
B. chest 83 - 88 89 - 96 97 - 104 105 - 111 112 - 118
D. hips 70 - 74 75 - 82 83 - 90 91 - 98 99 - 106

International XS

B. chest 83 - 88
D. hips 70 - 74

International S

B. chest 89 - 96
D. hips 75 - 82

International M

B. chest 97 - 104
D. hips 83 - 90

International L

B. chest 105 - 111
D. hips 91 - 98

International XL

B. chest 112 - 118
D. hips 99 - 106


International S M L XL
B. chest 80 - 87 88 - 94 95 - 101 102 - 109
C. waist 62 - 69 70 - 76 77 - 83 84 - 91
D. hips 86 - 94 95 - 100 101 - 106 107 - 112

International S

B. chest 80 - 87
C. waist 62 - 69
D. hips 86 - 94

International M

B. chest 88 - 94
C. waist 70 - 76
D. hips 95 - 100

International L

B. chest 95 - 101
C. waist 77 - 83
D. hips 101 - 106

International XL

B. chest 102 - 109
C. waist 84 - 91
D. hips 107 - 112