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Litemove AEW-170 LED Front Light for E-Bikes - HKAEW170 | Rear Mounting

Litemove AEW-170 LED Front Light for E-Bikes - HKAEW170 | Rear Mounting

2 High Intensity LEDs of the Litemove AEW-170 E-Bike headlight produce a 10 m wide light beam and enable a far distance view pattern of up to 250 m, providing the rider with the best visibility on the Trail or in poor light conditions.

No matter how dark the surroundings are, the front light which is particularly suitable for mountain bikers provides optimal illumination with 550 lm and an output of 170 lx. In order not to dazzle oncoming road users, the lens features a Cut-Off Line that specifically controls the light output.

The clever design with openings surrounding the housing made of CNC-machined aluminium also guarantees optimal heat dissipation for the right long-term performance and without negatively affecting luminous power. Thanks to its compact dimensions, the powerful front light can be easily attached to the E-Bike without affecting other components. For individual mounting, Litemove offers the right bracket for every application.


Technical details of the Litemove AEW170 headlight

  • light source: 2 High Intensity LED's
  • illuminance: 170 lx
  • luminous flux: 550 lm
  • color of light emitted: 6000 K (± 5 %)
  • optical technology: MTi Plus
  • power consumption: 7.3 W
  • input voltage: 12 V (DC)
  • operating temperature: -25°C ~ +70°C
  • dimensions: 63.1 x 49.9 x 52 mm
  • cable length: 1400 mm
  • type of approval: StVZo-K / ISO


MTi (Multi-Beam integration)

The innovative MTi technology uses a high efficiency aspheric lens designed to offer a complex distribution of multi-beam patterns, giving the light a wider and greater coverage, providing optimum illumination for maximum safety.

Producing this aspheric lenses requires precision glass molding, precision polishing, single point diamond turning and injection molding. High-precision technology that helps to reduce waste to a minimum and provides the most efficient lighting result.


Scope of supply: front light incl. adapter for rear mounting (AP2)



  • Only apply with DC power sources from 12 V! Do not use it to an AC power source!
  • The light itself does not feature a switch function. It will be turned on and off by your E-Bike system controls.

Fact Sheet of Litemove AEW-170 LED Front Light for E-Bikes - HKAEW170 | Rear Mounting

Product Name: Litemove AEW-170 LED Front Light for E-Bikes - HKAEW170 | Rear Mounting
Manufacturer: Litemove
Item Code: LMV552215
StVZO legal (German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations): yes
activity: Cycling
material: Aluminium
voltage: 12V
IP rating: IP56
light mounting location: Handlebar
max. luminous flux: 550lm
maximum throw: 250m
bike light version: Front Light
power supply: E-Bike
Model year: 2024
Collection: Full year
Color: Black
weight: 155g
manufacturer item code: HKAEW170 / AEW1701
Manufacturer page: https://www.lite-move.com/