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BLUECHAIN Essential Pedal Wrench

BLUECHAIN Essential Pedal Wrench

The BLUECHAIN Essential Pedal Wrench 15 mm is used to fit and remove pedals. The tool fits perfectly around the pedal axle, preventing slippage while you work. The BLUECHAIN Essential Pedal Wrench 15 mm is made of sturdy, durable steel. The Pedal Wrench also features two socket wrenches (14/15 mm) for tightening and loosening axle nuts of hubs with threaded axles.

Features of the BLUECHAIN Essential pedal wrench 15 mm

  • For fitting and removing pedals
  • 14/15 mm socket wrench for axle nuts
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Workshop quality


  • The pedal on the drive side has a right-hand thread; the pedal on the left has a left-hand thread. Pedals are always tightened in the wheel’s direction of travel, and loosened by turning in the opposite direction.
  • Some pedals are fastened with an Allen key. Please check how your pedals are fastened before buying to avoid unnecessary purchases.

Scope of delivery

1x BLUECHAIN Essential pedal wrench

Fact Sheet of BLUECHAIN Essential Pedal Wrench

Product Name: BLUECHAIN Essential Pedal Wrench
Manufacturer: BLUECHAIN
Item Code: BLC553808
activity: Cycling
Workspace: Hub / Cassette, Pedals
material: Steel
tool type: Pedal Wrench, Screw-Wrench / Ring Spanner
Model year: 2023
Collection: Full year
Color: Black, Silver
weight: 202g
Weight Source: BIKE24