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BLUECHAIN - bike accessories and bike tools for your bike

BLUECHAIN is the go-to brand for high-quality bicycle tools, bike accessories, and maintenance products that offer the best value for money. BLUECHAIN exists to make any work on your bike as simple as possible, and to help you make price-conscious decisions. With the right equipment for your home workshop, and the right accessories for your bike, you won't have to miss out on the fun to be had both tinkering with your bike, and riding it. With torque wrenches, bike work stands, or tool kits from BLUECHAIN, right through to tool bags for your bottle holders, you are always perfectly kitted out.

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Get your bike up to scratch – we can help you with the right bicycle accessories

BLUECHAIN bicycle accessories and tools are robust, functional, and finished to a high quality. They make tinkering fun, and you can even give your bike an upgrade in order to better adapt it to your needs.

Even the best bike can only deliver riding pleasure to its full potential when all components are maintained.  With the BLUECHAIN torque wrench, you can ensure that everything is perfectly tight, and with the BLUECHAIN universal link chain pliers, you can open, replace and close up your chain quickly, effortlessly, without any laborious welding. All BLUECHAIN products are designed to make working on your bike as simple as possible.

As a result of intensive customer contract, BLUECHAIN products are continually being further developed, and new developments are regularly being introduced to what is still a relatively young market. At BLUECHAIN we listen to what bike fans want and need. Bicycle maintenance doesn't just mean washing your bike now and again, it is about keeping every part in tip-top condition at all times. And with this in mind, well-designed equipment, such as BLUECHAIN bicycle tools, is actually essential.

BLUECHAIN bicycle tools: how to set up your own home workshop

With the right bike tools, not only can you perform minor repairs to your bike yourself, you can even set up your own home bike workshop. With the BLUECHAIN bicycle work stands, you can comfortably work on your bike, for example, performing maintenance on the brakes or resetting the suspension. Whether it's an everyday bike, a Fully for the trails at the weekend, your much-loved racing bike, or a trekking bike for your cycling holiday: every bike needs a little TLC now and then. And anyone who frequently has to handle chains or brakes will know how annoying it is when your bike tools don't cooperate. This comes down to more than just quality processing and the right feel. BLUECHAIN bicycle accessories impress with clever details, which show that passionate bikers have been at work here. Every product should be practical, suitable for everyday use, and durable. This way, every job is that little bit simpler and easier. Regardless of whether you want to perform complex work, or simply want to correctly fit add-ons such as a child seat, a bike computer, a bicycle basket, or mudguards now and then: these tools will definitely make life much easier in your own little bike workshop, and even non-professionals can perform various jobs themselves. When you want more than a multitool.

To ensure that everyone finds what they are looking for at BLUECHAIN, many BLUECHAIN products are available in three different versions: Basic, Essential, and Pro. BLUCHAIN "Basic" is ideal for beginners. All BLUECHAIN products that are marked as "Essential" are ideally suited for occasional tinkerers. "Pro" products offer advanced users optimal quality and performance for their bikes. The choice is yours.

The right bicycle care, with the BLUECHAIN care line

Those who wish to build a lasting relationship with their bike will also value regular bike maintenance. Maintenance, of course, goes hand in hand with bike tools. High-quality chain grease from the BLUECHAIN care series ensures that your chain will run smoothly for a long time to come. This ensures less friction when cycling, and consequently, less wear. Generally speaking, moving parts on the bike, such as the chain, should be inspected at certain intervals, and cleaned using suitable cleaning agents, before being re-lubricated. With the BLUECHAIN chain-cleaning device, you can quickly and easily clean your chain. The rotating brushes and the absorbent sponge remove practically all of the hard graft.

With the BLUECHAIN chain cleaner, chain grease, or chain oil, you save energy with every ride, and extend the lifespan of the chain. When it comes to deciding between spray or oil, opinions are often divided. Generally both are recommended. With the chain spray, gear changers and all gear switching components can also be well lubricated, while if using chain oil, the product can be easily dosed and put to very accurate use.

Bicycle maintenance is best performed with your bike on a work stand. You should develop an established rhythm when it comes to bicycle maintenance, and equip yourself with the necessary bike accessories and care products - this way you will get to enjoy your bike for much longer. With BLUECHAIN products, you are definitely well-prepared.

Prepared for everything: bike tools for on-the-go, from BLUECHAIN

Do you also want to have adequate basic bike tools with you when on the go, in order to make minor repairs in case of an emergency. BLUECHAIN can help you adapt your bike to precisely suit your preferences. With the BLUECHAIN repair kit for tubeless tyres, you can take care of any puncture, while only adding minimal weight. The longer a tour is to last, the less luggage you should take with you. With the BLUECHAIN tool bag for mounting in your bottle holder, you can carry replacement bike parts and your most important equipment with you in any standard bottle holder, without taking up space. Even if you don't have bike bags on your luggage carrier, additional luggage attached to your bike frame is the perfect solution, and you can perhaps even save yourself having to carry a backpack. This way you will always have the BLUECHAIN multifunctional tool and mini pump with you, and can perform minor repairs yourself in the event of an emergency. In most cases you can also mount a second drinks bottle on the frame. As such, you have everything to hand, and have another excuse to stop off for a cold drink.