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Jagwire Pro Quick-Fit Adapter Kit

Jagwire Pro Quick-Fit Adapter Kit

The Jagwire Pro Quick-Fit adapter kit is compatible to the hydraulic Jagwire Pro brake hose (separately sold) and connects it with all common disc brake systems of Avid, Shimano, Magura, Formula, Hayes, Hope and Tektro. The Quick-Fit adapter system is a kind of technology which has been proven on motorcycle hydraulic systems for decades. Jagwire brought it to the bicycle to increase the single hose's variance.

The fitting set contains the adapters for the connection with master cylinder and caliper, sealings and required hardware.


(listing is not final)

Avid/SRAM HFA201
SRAM® Guide Ultimate, Level Ultimate, TLM Avid® XX World Cup 2010–2011, XX™ 2010–2011, Avid Juicy Ultimate™, Juicy Carbon, Juicy Seven™, Juicy Five™

Avid/SRAM HFA207
SRAM® Guide Ultimate, Guide RSC(B1), Guide RS(B1), Guide R(B1) Avid® XX World Cup 2010-2011, XX™ 2010-2011; Juicy Ultimate™, Juicy Carbon, Juicy Seven™, Juicy Five™

Avid/SRAM HFA208
SRAM® Guide RSC(A1), Guide RS(A1), Guide R(A1); Level TL; DB5 Avid® Elixir R, CR, CR Mag, 5, 7, 9, XO, XX 2012+, XX World Cup 2012, 7 Trail, 9 Trail, XO Trail

Avid/SRAM HFA206
Avid® Code, Code 5, Elixir 1, 3, Juicy 3, DB3, DB1

Avid/SRAM HFA209
SRAM® Level T, Level; Guide RE Avid® Code, Code 5, Elixir 1, 3, Juicy 3, DB3, DB1

Avid/SRAM HFA210
SRAM® Level Ultimate, TLM, 2018 Code RSC/R

SRAM® Red HRD eTap, S900 Aero HRD

Shimano HFA314
Shimano Dura Ace R9120, R9170, R9180, Ultegra R8020, R8070

Shimano HFA312
XTR M975, Deore XT M775, SLX M665, Deore LX T665, M585, Hone M601, Deore T615, M595, M535, M525, Alfine S500, S501, Metrea U5000, Alivio M4050, Acera M3050, Non-Series T605, MT500, M575, M486, M485, M446, M445, M395, M365, M355, M315

Shimano HFA302
Saint M810

Shimano HFA306
XTR M9020, M9000, M988, M987, M985, Saint M820, Deore XT M8000, M785, T785,SLX M7000, SLX M675, M666, ZEE M640, Alfine S700

Shimano HFA310
Deore LX T675, Deore M596, M615

Shimano HFA311
Road/CX RS805, RS785, RS505

Magura HFA401
Gustav M 2000-2010, Marta 2007-2010, Marta Gold 2007, Marta SL 2008-2010

Magura HFA402
Clara 2000–2002, Gustav M 2000–2011, Julie HP 2009, Marta 2002–2010, Marta SL 2003–2011, Marta Gold 2007, Louise 2000–2010, Louise FR 2002–2006, Louise BAT 2008–2010, Louise Carbon 2008–2010

Magura HFA406
MT8, MT7, MT6, MT5, MT4, Trail

Formula HFA502
Formula R1R, R1, RO, RX, T1, Mega

Hayes HFA601
Hayes Prime Expert, Prime Pro, Prime Comp, Stroker Trail, Stroker Carbon, Stroker Ace, Stroker Gram

Hayes HFA602
Hayes Dyno Sport, Dyno Comp, Prime Sport, Radar, Stroker Ryde

Hope HFA701
Hope Tech 3 X2, E4, V4, Race Evo X2, E4, M4, Tech Evo X2, M4, V2, Race X2, Tech X2, M4, V2, Mini, Mini Trials, Mono Mini, Mono M4, 6TI, Moto V2, M6, Hope Banjo

Tektro HFA801
Tektro Auriga Comp, Auriga Comp WS, Draco, Draco WS, Draco 2, Gemini

Tektro/TRP HFA802
Tektro Auriga Pro, Gemini SL, Orion, Orion SL, Volans, TRP Slate T4, Quadiem, Quadiem SL, Dash Carbon, Dash Sport
Included in delivery: 1 adapter kit for front and rear brake

Fact Sheet of Jagwire Pro Quick-Fit Adapter Kit

Product Name: Jagwire Pro Quick-Fit Adapter Kit
Manufacturer: Jagwire
Item Code: JAG152312
activity: Cycling
usage bikesport: MTB
brake accessories & spare parts: Fitting hardware
Model year: 2022
Manufacturer page: http://www.jagwireusa.com/