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Petzl Duo RL headlamp - black/yellow

Petzl Duo RL headlamp - black/yellow

Ready for the dark? With the waterproof, rechargeable DUO RL headlamp and its 2800 lumens you can move safely in technically demanding sports such as speleology. The aluminum housing ensures excellent shock resistance. Thanks to REACTIVE LIGHTING® technology, the luminosity automatically adjusts to the brightness in the environment. The lamp's burn time is optimized and manual intervention is reduced, so you can reach your goals without ever being left in the dark.

Duo RL Headlamp Features:

Extremely powerful and intelligent:

  • 2800 lumens
  • Longer burn time, better viewing comfort and reduced manual intervention with REACTIVE LIGHTING® mode: the luminosity and shape of the light cone are automatically adjusted via a brightness sensor to optimize battery life
  • Two light modes - REACTIVE LIGHTING® or CONSTANT LIGHTING - and five light levels. The light levels can be manually programmed
  • Survival mode configured for up to 72 hours of minimum illumination

Water/dustproof and rugged:

  • Waterproof to -1 meter during 30 minutes in fresh water and waterproof to - 3 meters during 10 minutes for passing through siphons in speleology.
  • Aluminum lamp body has excellent drop, impact and pressure resistance

Multiple light cones to adapt to all situations:

  • Lighting in theimmediate close range: wide light cone of low luminosity for a long lighting time
  • Ambient lighting: combined cone of light with a luminosity suitable for comfortable visibility in the surrounding area
  • Lighting forlocomotion: combined light cone with a focused component for safe locomotion
  • Lighting for fast loc omotion: combined light cone with higher luminosity to probe the terrain
  • Long distance vision: highly focused light cone to shine into the distance.

Reliability and ergonomics:

  • rotary switch that can be operated even with gloves on
  • automatic lock to prevent accidental switch-on during transport and when the lamp is not in use
  • automatic switch to reserve light when the battery is almost discharged
  • balanced weight distribution due to the battery case worn on the back of the head
  • adaptable to all helmet types with the self-adhesive PRO ADAPT system (available as an accessory), removable, washable headband (included).


  • Lithium-ion battery 3200 mAh, rechargeable in 4 hours with quick charger 110/240 V (included).
  • four-level charge level indicator for precise control of remaining battery life
  • Can be removed and replaced (available as an accessory)


  • Luminosity: 2800 lumens
  • Weight: 390 grams
  • Light cone: wide, combined or focused
  • Operating options: Lithium-ion battery 3200 mAh (included)
  • Charging time: 4 hrs.
  • Waterproof: IP67 (waterproof to -1 meter during 30 minutes in fresh water)
  • Certification(s): CE
  • Lithium-ion R2 and 110/240V charger included.

Little helpers, huge benefits The ability to be seen aids in safety and helps to avoid accidents. Safety lights with white LED are also handy to find your way, look for keys or gear in your pack. Thanks to flexible holders the lights quickly attach to packs, hiking poles, pavillions, baby buggies and much more.

Little helpers, huge benefits

Fact Sheet of Petzl Duo RL headlamp - black/yellow

Product Name: Petzl Duo RL headlamp - black/yellow
Manufacturer: Petzl
Item Code: PZL571613
activity: Outdoor
voltage: 110-240V
IP rating: IP67
Battery Type: Custom Li-Ion/LiPo Pack
maximum runtime: 72h
light mounting location: Helmet, Head
StVZO legal (German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations): no
max. luminous flux: 2800lm
maximum throw: 255m
color temperature: white
light version: Helmet Light, Head Light
Model year: 2023
Collection: Full year
Color: Black, Yellow
weight: 390g
manufacturer item code: E103AA00
Weight Source: Manufacturer
Manufacturer page: