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Selle Royal

Selle Royal Avenue Relaxed Urban Saddle

Selle Royal Avenue Relaxed Urban Saddle

Royal Comfort

Follow the road to happier riding with Avenue. Equipped with extra-thick Royalgel™ cushioning to reduce sit-bone discomfort, and with a central channel that ensures pressure relief in the perineal area, Avenue is the right bike saddle for those seeking a balance of comfort and support during fun spins in the city.

Riding position: Relaxed (90°)

Main Features of the Avenue Relaxed


Superior to any other padding material for its unique formulation, Royalgel™ provides the highest level of comfort. Durable and versatile, this technology absorbs pressure and distributes it across the saddle surface, ensuring the best support for even your longest rides.


Enjoy a dry ride with a water-resistant saddle. This patented Selle Royal technology allows the saddle to be 100% sealed and substantially waterproof, even when exposed to heavy, wet weather.


This indent is designed to ergonomically follow the shape of the body, delivering pressure relief in the soft tissue areas and support in the ischiatic zone. No pain, just gain on your rides!

Fact Sheet of Selle Royal Avenue Relaxed Urban Saddle

Product Name: Selle Royal Avenue Relaxed Urban Saddle
Manufacturer: Selle Royal
Item Code: SER633862
activity: Cycling
gender: men, unisex
rail clamp style: round rails
pressure relief: with Relief / Cutout, Gel Insert
Material saddle cover: Synthetic
Material saddle rails: Steel Alloy
length x width: 267 x 218mm
saddle padding: with Padding
Model year: 2023
Collection: Full year
Color: Black
weight: 706g
Weight Source: Manufacturer