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Triathlon Saddles – For the Perfect Fit When Chasing Crucial Seconds

good saddle is crucial for cycling success. Above all during competitions it’s important that you expend as little energy as possible and move forward quickly. That’s why today there are different triathlon saddles and time-trial saddles that are specially tailored for this hunt for seconds against the clock. On this page we’ll explain what triathlon saddles are and what you should look out for when buying one. Read more

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The Special Sitting Position during a Triathlon

Bent low over the bicycle, half lying on the clip-on bars, as aerodynamic as possible – the seating position on triathlon bikes (and time-trial bikes in racing) is a very special one. And not without reason: In the race against the clock it is important to give the wind as little surface to target as possible. Because every excessive Watt of wind resistance you come up against costs energy and time – resources you can use much better during the race. The special aerodynamic position for triathlons and time trials therefore requires both manpower and specifically triathlon parts. As most conventional bike saddles are not designed for the special sitting position in the race against the clock, and in certain circumstances can even be painful, there are triathlon saddles. These are optimised for the special aerodynamic sitting position and help you to win vital seconds.

What Are the Features of a Triathlon Saddle?

A good tt bike saddle should, first and foremost, be comfortable. Since you often ride in an unfamiliar position due to the aerodynamic racing posture in triathlon (or time trials), it is crucial that the saddle doesn’t put too much pressure on sensitive areas. Most triathletes sit mainly on the tip of the saddle during competition, so this is often especially well padded on triathlon saddles. At the same time a time-trial saddle should be robust enough to give you the necessary support. In addition a triathlon saddle should be as light as possible so that you don’t lose unnecessary time in the hunt for crucial seconds. The shape of a time-trial saddle is also critical: since the saddle tip for racing must be at least five centimetres behind the middle of the bottom bracket, according to the rules of the international cycling union (UCI), many time-trial saddles have a relatively short nose. This allows for the saddle to be pushed a tiny bit further forward, so you can more easily put your power through to the pedal.

Buying Advice – What You Should Look out for When Buying a Time-Trial Saddle

If you decide to buy a triathlon saddle, you should be aware of the following points:

  • The size of the saddle: Depending on how tall you are and the shape of your pelvis, you’ll need a saddle in different sizes. At bike24 you’ll find the literature and tools to measure the perfect size for your saddle.
  • The shape of the saddle: most triathlon saddles are very wide and flat. So your stance in the aerodynamic position is improved and those sensitive areas relieved. With a time-trial saddle, the shape should also be as short as possible so that you can push the saddle as far forward as possible without violating the UCI regulations.
  • Saddle padding: Make sure the saddle has enough padding, to offer you the comfort required. At the same time, it shouldn’t be too soft, because you’ll sink into the saddle too much and power transmission will suffer. Particularly recommended is reinforced padding at the front, as you’ll spend a lot of time on the saddle tip when racing.
  • Saddle weight: Every excess gramme in a competition costs time. So the weight of a tt bike saddle is also a crucial factor. 

Triathlon Saddles and Time-Trial Saddles – Conclusion

A good triathlon saddle is essential for triathlon or racing success. However, this only applies if you decide on the right saddle for you. So when buying above all look out for the size, shape and weight of the saddle. Additionally, your new tt bike saddle should have enough padding to offer you the necessary comfort. We’re sure: that if you stick to this advice, you’ll quickly find the perfect saddle for you — and thus save time and energy when racing and gain those seconds.