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Lake - Bike Shoes for Bike Fans

You've probably experienced how it feels to wear unsuitable shoes on your bike. They press against sensitive areas when pedaling or interfere with riding due to their shape. Fitting footwear is just as relevant when cycling as it is when hiking. Otherwise, painful experiences accompanied by agonizing blisters are the result. The Lake brand from Evanston in the US state of Illinois offers you high-quality cycling shoes for every need.

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Lake Shoes - Made for Cycling

Lake cycling shoes are designed for both casual cyclists and die-hard professionals. They come in a variety of styles - for example, the Lake CX238 model in black. Lake primarily produces shoes for road cyclists and mountain bikers. But triathlon riders will also find the right pair of shoes for their sport at BIKE24. Thanks to the streamlined cut, the airstream won't slow you down. The existing heels are low and serve to keep the bike pedals firmly under the shoes. Especially for passionate cyclists, the right footwear is very important. Bicycle shoes must be both sturdy and comfortable. If this does not apply, the riding pleasure can have a painful aftermath and permanently reduce the desire to ride a bike. Therefore, the choice of the right cycling shoes is crucial for your future cycling trips.

Lake Shoes - Made for Cycling

Lake Road Bike Shoes - Perfect Companions for Fast Paced Tours

When you're all about speed, wind is less desirable. Road shoes like the Lake CX218 and Lake CX403 models are not hindered by these forces due to their shape. At BIKE24 you can find Lake road cycling shoes for women as well as for men. Lake offers the perfect symbiosis of design and function, so that neither comfort nor style come up short.

Offroad or Downhill with the Right Shoes

Lake also offers a range of cycling shoes for mountain bikers, including the Lake MX238 model. These shoes have an additional profile that gives you the necessary grip during outdoor activities. This is especially important on uphill and downhill terrain. Products like Lake MX168 ENDURO were designed specifically for cyclists who prefer to ride on routes that do not run on paved roads. The model is stable and durable - as it were made for longer off-road routes. Especially in the wild, where you usually do not have to pay attention to motorists or pedestrians, the cycling shoes are heavily stressed. Of course, Lake also offers cycling shoes for the winter. Thus, products such as the Lake MXZ304 MTB winter shoe keep your feet warm and dry during your winter cycling tour. If your rides take you through snow-covered landscapes, it's best to choose a pair of suitable winter cycling shoes at BIKE24.

Offroad or Downhill with the Right Shoes

Lake Triathlon Shoes for Triathletes

Lake offers not only shoes that are designed specifically for cyclists. In triathlon, the footwear must not only be suitable for cycling, but also be quickly removable. Triathlon shoes like the Lake TX223 are breathable and offer you maximum comfort. In addition, there is the ventilation factor in the area of the toes, which is found especially in the Lake TX322 model. The triathlon shoes from Lake offer demanding customers an optimal mix of function, comfort and design. As an athlete, you can then fully concentrate on the course in front of you.

Bike Shoes For Any Foot Shape

Whether for women or men - at BIKE24 you are guaranteed to find the right pair of cycling shoes. If you have wider feet or simply want more comfort, models like the Lake MX176-X WIDE are made for you. Lake cycling shoes are suitable for all bike-related sports activities, be it mountain bike adventures in the great outdoors or the everyday work of a bike courier. At BIKE24 you can find many different shoe models that are suitable for enthusiastic recreational cyclists as well as for demanding professional athletes. Easily order Lake road cycling shoes as well as the following products:

  • Heel heels for various Lake cycling shoes.
  • Winter insoles for Lake cycling shoes
  • Cover for pedal plates from Lake
Bike Shoes For Any Foot Shape