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Elite Quick Motion Roller Cycletrainer - black/red

Elite Quick Motion Roller Cycletrainer - black/red

Quick Motion - Pedaling suspended in the air...

The Quick Motion is an ultra-compact scooter with a built-in, 3-stage magnetic resistance. The floating frame keeps the bike balanced and simulates exercise in a natural and intuitive way. The parabolic rollers make it easier to maintain balance and provide good concentricity. The 3-piece frame can be easily folded when space is needed. The built-in handle makes it easy to transport. Suitable for wheels with a wheelbase of 944mm - 1144mm.

In conjunction with the optionally available Misuro B+ sensor, it is possible to monitor data such as speed, power and frequency via Bluetooth or Ant+ on your smartphone, tablet or bike computer. Includes 1 month free access to the My E-Trainig app.

Free Roller Details - Elite Quick Motion

Floating System

The floating system simplifies the approach to the roller trainer by absorbing sudden movements typical of the lack of confidence at the beginning. For this reason, everyone can train on this type of roller trainer in just a few minutes. In addition, training without a saddle is also safer thanks to the levitation system. This way, the typical fast movement of standing pedaling is absorbed and smoothly implemented.

Reduced space requirements

Quick Motion can be easily and quickly folded into three pieces by reducing the space required when the machine is not in use by approximately 50%. When folded, the unit can be transported easily, in full safety, thanks to the ergonomic handle built into the frame and the blocking system.


With Quick Motion, numerous different types of training are possible. The scooter is equipped with an innovative magnetic resistance unit that allows the simulation of both level and inclines. With the handy controller on the frame of the scooter, it is possible to select 3 levels that, together with the gears of the bike, allow any type of workout.


Thanks to the use of the Misuro B+ sensor, Quick Motion can be made compatible with My E-Training (1 month free) from ELITE. This makes it possible to display data on power output, cadence, heart rate, speed, time and distance during training. It also makes it compatible with other indoor cycling platforms (usually make a paid subscription necessary), including: Kinomap. In this way, there is a wide range of options, from traditional training to a more complete experience combining training, gaming and social media in a single solution.


Quick Motion is part of ELITE's parabolic roller trainer lineup. Unlike other types of roller trainers, it is not attached to the frame of the bike. This type of roller trainer allows you to train easily and freely. Ideal for indoor training as well as pre-race warm-up.


The technical characteristics of the three rollers guarantee easy control of the ride. The ends of the rollers immediately guide the bike back to the center of the roller with their typical parabolic shape. In addition, the perfectly smooth surface of the rollers reduces noise and wear on the tires.


Quick Motion is compatible with wheels of both road bikes and mountain bikes. The front roller can be adjusted in 11 different positions for a perfect fit to the frame size of the bike used. Regulation of the wheelbase of the bike between 944 mm and 1144 mm possible.

Scope of delivery:

incl. App access for My E-Training (1 month).

Fact Sheet of Elite Quick Motion Roller Cycletrainer - black/red

Product Name: Elite Quick Motion Roller Cycletrainer - black/red
Manufacturer: Elite
Item Code: ELI288478
activity: Cycling
usage bikesport: Hometrainer
transmission standard: ANT+, Bluetooth
trainer version: Bike Rollers
trainer functions: App compatibility (included or optional)
trainer brake: Magnetic Brake
Model year: 2022
Collection: Full year
Color: Black, Red
weight: 15770g
Manufacturer page: