Tacx Genius Smart T2080 Cycletrainer Fullconnect with ANT+ Antenna and Trainer Software 4

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Description of Tacx Genius Smart T2080 Cycletrainer Fullconnect with ANT+ Antenna and Trainer Software 4

Fullconnect Edition including the ANT+ antenna for connecting your Cycle Trainer to your PC as well as the Tacx Trainer Software 4 Advanced, the most comprehensive of Tacx' trainer software versions.

This interactive trainer offers the most advanced brake of all the fixed Tacx trainers, so you can enjoy a highly realistic cycling experience. The motor brake is able to apply a maximum force of 150 N to the back wheel and will speed up during a descent. The slopes simulated are realistic up to 20% and down to -5% for descents.

The Genius communicates via ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart for convenient training sessions using your smartphone or tablet. Performance data can be viewed on several devices simultaneously, including your smartphone, bike computer and sports watch. The Genius offers ease-of-use and freedom of choice.

  • Max. power (40 km/h): 2000 Watt
  • Max. slope: 20%
  • Simulation of descent: Ja (-5%)
  • Max. torque: 51Nm
  • Max. brake force: 150N
  • Flywheel: Virtual
  • Flywheel effect: Variable to 125 kg (the higher the value, the more realistic the ride)
  • Calibration: Automatic
  • Footprint(L x W): 675 x 650 mm
  • Height: 410 mm
  • Dimensions when folded: 565 x 410 x 245 mm
  • Weight: 10.3 kg

Stand-alone training
When the Genius Smart isn't connected to a smartphone, tablet or computer, it behaves as a fluid trainer. This means the trainer behaves progressively: when your speed increases, the resistance increases as well. So it is possible to use this trainer in a "stand-alone" status.

Motor brake
The motor brake is the most advanced resistance unit providing the most realistic cycling experience. The resistance is dynamically controlled, it is constantly calculated and adjusted in order to simulate natural road resistance, even for descents.
When calculating the brake resistance all physical formulas a cyclist encounters on the road are applied to reach a true situation. Air and rolling resistance, gradient percentage, weight, air pressure, wind speed, temperature, altitude, inertia and brake properties are all taken into account and calculated hundreds of times per second to achieve a realistic feel.
Tacx trainers feature a dynamic control of the braking force. Other trainers use a flywheel to pass the dead centre, Tacx trainers constantly adjust the resistance to simulate the most natural handling. Thanks to the dynamic braking system virtual climbs become real challenges. The Genius Smart even has a downhill drive. The wheel keeps turning, just like in real life you do not have to pedal. This Tacx trainer best approaches reality.

LED lights
The motor brake is equipped with LED lights that move to the rhythm of your cadence. The red lights light up when the power output is high. When the power output is low, the green lights are more visible. The Genius Smart has to be plugged into the power grid, apart from this the trainer is wireless.

Virtual flywheel
The flywheel is an essential part of the brake. By applying an arrangement with accurate sensors and advanced electronics the Genius Smart reaches an unmatched level of reality simulation. The software-simulated flywheel of the Genius Smart is like a virtual flywheel.

The Genius Smart works without a cadence sensor. The cadence is derived from the variation in force on the pedals and recorded by highly accurate electronic sensors.

ANT+ Open protocol
As of 2015, the resistance of Tacx Smart trainers can be controlled using software developed by third parties, including Kinomap, TrainerRoad, Zwift and BKool. Do you have a Smart trainer that is not equipped with this language yet? Then download the free Utility app now.

Tacx ANT+ Antenna

Connect your cycle trainer with your Windows PC using the ANT+ antenna
With the ANT+ Antenna, you can connect your ANT+ trainer to a computer. This enables you to use software such as the Tacx Trainer software, but also Zwift, TrainerRoad and Bkool, in your trainings. These programmes read out the training data transmitted by the ANT+ trainer.
The Antenna is compatible with all ANT+ trainers (trainers that communicate via the wireless ANT+ technique) from Tacx, but also with those from other brands.
The Antenna is connected to the computer via a long cable, which means the signal is transmitted clearly and without any loss of quality. Because of the cable’s length, the receiver can be positioned near the trainer to ensure the signal transmitted by the trainer is both found and received properly.

Tacx Trainer-Software 4 - Advanced

The Tacx Trainer software 4, Advanced is the most complete software package currently available, with many extra options to make your indoor training sessions more enjoyable and more exciting.

Training programs
In the TTS, you can create your own training programs based on slope, power output or heart rate. For example, you can ride for 10 minutes at one heart rate and then another 10 minutes at a different heart rate. You can also import training sessions from Strava. Or you can use preprogrammed, professional training programs and fitness tests. You can also just cycle, without following a program, based on an incline, your power output or your heart rate.

Virtual reality
There are more than 100 km of roads available in our virtual worlds, where you are accompanied by other virtual cyclists. There is a wide choice of terrains for mountain bikes, racing bikes and track bikes. Ascents, descents, ramps, tunnels and sensationally sharp corners, you come across everything. The Tacx Trainer software 4 distinguishes itself thanks to its wonderful VR terrains: Golden Circle (based on Asia), Paradise Island (based on Hawaii), Montagna (mountainous terrain in Italy), Valeggio (rolling hills in Italy plus a criterium through an Italian village), Downhill Valley (an unbelievable natural landscape in America) and US Metropolitan (a criterium in an American city).
Realistic gameplay in the VR terrains offers lifelike interaction with people, cars and other elements. You race against intelligent opponents with realistic cycling behaviour, such as a sudden breakaway. You do not know in advance what will happen, just like in a real race. In these worlds, you can fully personalize your bicycle, clothes and avatar. This makes the experience more intense and more exciting, so that you can keep up your indoor training sessions for longer.

Intensity training (FTP)
It is also possible to perform training sessions at a certain intensity, based on your FTP or lactate threshold.
FTP, or Functional Threshold Power, is an indication of your stamina. It is your power output at your lactate threshold. Above this point, your body produces more lactate acid than it can remove, so that the creation and removal of lactate acid are no longer balanced. You can maintain physical exertion above your lactate threshold only for 5 to 15 minutes, while at your lactate threshold, you can maintain physical exertion for an hour.
It is also possible to perform training sessions based on your lactate threshold. Your lactate threshold is the inflection point for your heart rate.
You can increase your power output at your lactate threshold by training based on certain percentages of your FTP within certain training zones. The same is true for your heart rate at your lactate threshold. It is possible to perform this type of training session using the TTS. You create or import a training program and perform the training session at your specific intensity.

Analysis and export
Regardless of which function you use in the Tacx software, your performance is saved so that you can analyse it at a later time. Your performance is displayed in a graph, where power output, cadence and speed are plotted against time or distance. You can scroll through the information and view your performance at any time during a training session. Follow your development and become a better cyclist step by step.
It is possible to export a training session to BikeNet, TrainingPeaks, Strava and the Indoor Bike League immediately after the training session. You can also export training sessions to a PC as a GPX, TCX, XML or HRM file and then import the file into other software.

Tacx films (available separately)
It is also possible to train using one of the many films of legendary stages of classic cycle races, which are available in the Tacx Online shop. The Tour of Flanders, the Amstel Gold Race and the Tour de France ascents all come to life on your screen. When cycling uphill, the trainer increases the resistance and when you accelerate, the film runs at a faster speed. The Advanced software uses Overlay, a function that displays your position in relation to your opponents, so that you can ride a race in a film. The indicator that shows whether the road is an incline or a decline is also new and rather special.

Note: Tacx films for the TTS4 are not compatible with the tablet application (Tacx Cycling app).

Multiplayer (license required, available separately)
With Multiplayer, you can race in real time against real opponents from anywhere in the world. You can race against up to 20 opponents in one world. For example, you can climb the well-known mountains from the Tour de France and the Giro d'Italia together with other people. You must have a licence to participate in web races via the Tacx server. A free 7-days trial period is included with any Tacx cycle trainers.

A new feature is that winners and people who organize a large number of races can win prizes, such as licences for films. The greater the number of participants that take part in your races, the better the prize. After a race has been created in the software, it is announced on Facebook and in the calendar on the Tacx website.
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Fact Sheet of Tacx Genius Smart T2080 Cycletrainer Fullconnect with ANT+ Antenna and Trainer Software 4

Product Name: Tacx Genius Smart T2080 Cycletrainer Fullconnect with ANT+ Antenna and Trainer Software 4
Manufacturer: Tacx
Item Code: TAC289868
Year: 2018
Manufacturer item code: T2080FC
Weight: approx. 10,30 Kilogram (without ANT+ antenna and Trainer Software manufacturer's specs)
Included in delivery: foldable trainer with a motor brake
Skyliner front wheel support
ANT+ antenna T2028
Trainer Software 4 Advanced
Color: black/silver/blue
Fitting wheel size: 700c, 26"-29" (29" with Tacx trainer tyre)
Speciality: powerful motor brake, Skyliner front wheel support
ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart
Construction type: Cycletrainer
  • Description
  • Fact Sheet
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Habe das Gerät nun 4 Wochen im Einsatz.

TOP ... das Trainieren auf dieser Rolle macht deutlich mehr Spass als das stubide Treten auf einem Trainer der nicht smart ist.
Das übertragen von bereits gefahrenen Touren aus Strava oder Garmin Connnect klappt einwandfrei.
Auch das planen und fahren von anderen GPS-Touren ist mit zusätzlicher Google-Lizenz TOP.

Nur die Anzeige von Watt ist um ca. 20 bis 30 Watt höher gegenüber dem bei mir im Einsatz befindlichen Wattmesssystem am Rennrad.
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