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SQlab 411 Innerbarends - black

SQlab 411 Innerbarends - black


Inwards mounted barends = Innerbarends!

Barends originate from the early days of the mountain bike and are normally mounted at the end of the handlebar. From an ergonomic point of view a very good idea. In the course of time, when the straight handlebars became less and the raised handlebars more, the bar ends slowly disappeared. Now that the handlebars have become flatter and much wider again, bar ends make sense again. SQLabs mounted the Barends inside - Innerbarends - hence the name with the small contradiction.

Innerbarends are thus a new innovative evolution of the good old barends, but with an unprecedented safety aspect. Despite the changed grip position, the brake levers are always within reach. The feeling is a bit similar to the triathlon attachment. The natural hand position provides muscle relaxation and improved biomechanics.

They are mounted directly next to the grip. Since almost all brake levers are so long that they can be pushed inwards, there is almost always enough space between the grip and the brake or shifter. The clamp is designed so that it can be bent open and snaps over the handlebars. So they can be mounted or dismounted at any time without much effort. The clamping width is 22.2mm.

Fact Sheet of SQlab 411 Innerbarends - black

Product Name: SQlab 411 Innerbarends - black
Manufacturer: SQlab
Item Code: SQL292273
activity: Cycling
Model year: 2022
Color: Black
weight: 108g
manufacturer item code: 1996
Manufacturer page: