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Campagnolo Scirocco C17 - 28 Inches Wheelset Clincher - black

Campagnolo Scirocco C17 - 28 Inches Wheelset Clincher - black

The Scirocco™ wheelset takes its name from the fierce and hot wind originating from the Sahara Desert as it imitates the speed with which this wind arrives to Italy and France. A highly respected wheel capable of offering high-end performance at a more accessible price point, the Scirocco is a great choice for those wishing to experience the quality construction and long lasting performance of Campagnolo wheels. This version of the Scirocco™ builds upon the strengths that made the previous version such a well-respected and trouble free wheel, making for an even better all-around wheel.

Highlights of Campagnolo Scirocco C17

Medium profile, high performance

  • The new 35 mm aluminum profile guarantees better aerodynamic penetration
  • The grooves on the rim ensure low weight

Safe and reliable

  • The spokes stay in place thanks to the anti-spoke rotation technology system
  • MEGA G3™ technology on the cassette side increases torsional stiffness

Distinctive materials

  • Hub in aluminum
  • Aluminum axles and nipples

Details about Campagnolo Scirocco C17

The Scirocco™ name, originating from a strong wind, seems all the more fitting when considering its 35mm profile. A staple in the high-end carbon fiber wheel segment, the 35mm profile offers a versatile aerodynamic benefit that excels in all conditions. Such a versatile profile reduces drag moving forward while not creating instability in cross wind situations. Thanks to the Scirocco™’s incorporation of a similar profile it too can offer the aero advantages previously reserved only for those willing purchase carbon fiber wheels.

This version of the Scirocco™ has been designed with a C17 profile, creating a more efficient tire/rim interface which results in not only improved handling and comfort but also allows for a more efficient tire shape. This wider rim, perfect for 25 up to 28mm clincher tires, allows the tire to take a straighter, less bulbous shape and in turn leave a more uniform surface for airflow with less discontinuous area between tire and rim to create turbulence. Improved structural integrity and a very precise braking surface come from the Scirocco™’s welded rim whereas a great deal of the Scirocco™’s competitors are pin joined at the junction.

The lifespan of this product is increased even further by incorporating spoke support tabs capable of distributing tension in a more efficient manner inside the rim. The aluminum hub and axle keep weight to a minimum and increasing lateral stiffness while the Mega G3™ oversize flange on the rear wheel increases torsional stiffness and, in turn, improves reactivity. The same free hub body construction found on the top-end wheels is available in both Campagnolo ED and HG11 versions.

The front wheel maintains a lightweight and efficient construction thanks to its 16 aerodynamic, butted, radial laced stainless steel spokes. The rear wheel incorporates the exclusive Mega G3™ spoke pattern with 14 pokes on the drive side and 7 on the opposite to ensure the perfect balance of tension that renders an asymmetric unit more symmetric in function and performance. The Scirocco™ takes a great deal of technology and puts it all in one race-ready package at a price accessible to any cyclist. At a highly respectable 1654 grams this wheelset is a valuable upgrade for beginners but also experienced athletes.


Included in delivery: incl. quick releases, manual, guarantee documents

Fact Sheet of Campagnolo Scirocco C17 - 28 Inches Wheelset Clincher - black

Product Name: Campagnolo Scirocco C17 - 28 Inches Wheelset Clincher - black
Manufacturer: Campagnolo
Item Code: CAM339192
activity: Cycling
material: Aluminium
usage bikesport: Road Bike, Training
spokes: straight pull aero spokes (2-1,5mm)
shifting system: 9-speed, 10-speed, 11-speed
wheel size: 28" (622mm)
axle standard: Quick Release
Wheel version: Wheelset, Wheelset > 1700g
Freehub Body: ED (Campagnolo 9-12s), HG L (Shimano 11/12s Road)
braking system: Rim (Metal)
tire type: Wire Bead Tire, Folding Tire
ETRTO: 17-622
rim width: 22mm
inner profile width: 17mm
rim profile height: 35mm
Model year: 2022
Collection: Full year
Color: Black
weight: 1755g
manufacturer item code: Campagnolo: WH18-SCCFRB
Shimano: WH18-SCCFRX1B
Number of Spoke Holes: 16
Manufacturer page: