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Campagnolo Centaur 11 Groupset 2x11 - silver

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Description of Campagnolo Centaur 11 Groupset 2x11 - silver

Campagnolo is pleased to introduce an addition to its line-up of finely made mechanical groupsets: It is called Centaur 11. While attentive fans of the Italian brand are sure to note that this is not a new name but rather one that has graced the catalog in the past. The latest version takes a huge leap forward and represents even greater value and performance than any preceding version ever made. The trickle-down effect of top end groupset technology certainly benefited the Centaur 11-speed groupset but has added an extra element of not only value but race-ready performance on a groupset within reach of nearly every cyclist to make Centaur an asset to any frame.

An aluminium groupset with performance that punches far out of its weight class, this version of Centaur aims to compete directly with competitor’s most accessible offerings.
The Centaur project saw its central aim at offering an accessible groupset without offering entry level performance or features.

Campagnolo Centaur 11 crankset

Plenty of higher tier characteristics have been incorporated into the Centaur 11-speed aluminium crankset such as the innovative 4-arm spider design that trickles down all the way from the Super Record version to allow for an independent BCD (increased rigidity and structural integrity) in addition to a universal crankset made to accept all chainring combinations. Additionally this is the first aluminium crankset with an Ultra-Torque spindle and you have a component that mimics very closely the very same crankset that is found at the pinnacle of the range.

The 11-speed Centaur Ultra-Torque crankset for those who want a lighter transmission or prefer more agile ratio sets, but do not want to pass to a triple crankset.

The chainrings feature a special anti-friction treatment to improve smooth chain operation. Eight pins on the large chainring offer faster shifting speeds. MPS (Micro Precision Shifting System) chainrings allow faster shifting without lag under any conditions.

Campagnolo Centaur 11 front derailleur

The precisely shifting comes as much from the meticulously designed ergopower controls as it does from the Centaur’s front derailleur, which adopts its design and mechanical function from the original Revolution 11 + front derailleur design developed initially for professionals. The ergopower internals couple with the longer front derailleur rod and one-piece steel cage to ensure precise and reliable shifting with minimal effort required to upshift from internal ring to external.

Campagnolo Centaur 11 rear derailleur - medium

The Centaur 11-speed rear derailleur guarantees fantastic shifting and offers a great deal of versatility as well thanks to a new trajectory angle. The movement of the Centaur rear derailleur was studied in order to render it compatible with all cassette options up to 32 teeth. This allows Centaur to meet every cyclist’s needs with one single model. And it does so while weighing 15 grams less than the long cage version of its competitors.

The outer aluminium parallelogram plate features the exclusive Ultra-Shift geometry which guarantees maximum shifting rigidity, fast actuation, precision and reduced friction. The design of the upper and lower bodies has been optimized to achieve the maximum rigidity and at the same time to reduce the weight. The medium cage is even light and thanks to its geometry it is more rigid and lighter. The composite rollers reduce vibration and improve the silence of the drivetrain.

Campagnolo Centaur 11 cassette

The profile of the teeth, completely redesigned in line with the Ultra-Drive project, makes it possible to achieve the maximum response speed at the moment of shifting.
The synchronization obtained by establishing a specific position of the teeth between sprocket and sprocket makes the passage from one sprocket to the next very fluid and fast. And in order not to lose rigidity, the last two sprockets are fitted on an aluminium frame.

The Campagnolo Centaur 11 cassette is based on a triplet with aluminum spider and 8 single sprockets with aluminum spacers.

Delivery includes lockring.

Campagnolo Potenza 11 chain

The Campagnolo Potenza chain for 11-speed shifting systems offers with its 114 links a quiet and very smooth operation. As representative of the new Potenza 11 group it is ideal for use with components of this series.

Campagnolo Centaur 11 PS Ergopower levers

The ergonomic design of the Power-Shift Ergo-Power controls provides the most correct and secure support for the hands in all riding positions. Increased comfort on long distance rides is enabled by Campagnolo's Vari-Cushion system. The Centaur 11-speed ErgoPower are 1 lever 1 action style controls and PowerShift internals guarantee precise and lightning fast shifting even under load. The PowerShift movement allows for the incorporation of an EPS style downshifting lever, offering heightened ergonomics while putting the rider in perfect control of his or her transmission no matter the situation.

For caliper brakes, 2-speed cranksets compatible, composite body and brake lever, ball bearing mounted Power-Shift mechanism, ergonomic brake lever with high fulcrum, integrated brake opening control within the brake lever, insert for large hands, Vari-Cushion silicone hoods, No-Bulge housing path for minimum friction, front derailleur micro-adjustment possibility.

Delivery includes Ergopower cable set

Campagnolo Centaur 11 Dual Pivot brakes

While all of the other components deal with speeding up the race-minded cyclist he or she will be happy to know that the Centaur groupset includes fantastic control in the form of a pair of newly designed brakes that weigh in at nearly 50 grams less than the competing version of the same level.
Safe stopping is assured by the new developed Centaur brakes with forged caliper arms. In order to achieve even greater efficiency, the brakes are equipped with the possibility of orbital brake-pad adjustment, which, up till now, was only a feature of the the high end brakes of the range. The special pad compound increases braking performance.

Brake-pad height adjustment ratio: 42 to 52 mm (measured from brake fixing-bolt to brake-shoe-nut), brake pads orbital adjustment, Dual Pivot front- and rear brake.

Hubs and bottom bracket not included. These can be ordered separately.

For further information on single components, please look for the respective component or contact our service team.
Included in delivery: Crankset with fixing bolt
front & rear derailleur
FW & RW brake
Material: aluminum
Material of sprocket: steel (nickel-chromed finish)
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Fact Sheet of Campagnolo Centaur 11 Groupset 2x11 - silver

Product Name: Campagnolo Centaur 11 Groupset 2x11 - silver
Manufacturer: Campagnolo
Item Code: CAM343455
activity: Bike
usage bikesport: Road Bike
crank arm length: 170, 172,5, 175
gear ratio: 11-12-13-14-15-17-19-21-23-26-29
number of chainrings: 2
shifting system: 11-speed
shifting actuation: Mechanical
bottom bracket axle profile: Ultra-Torque / K-Type - 25mm
brake actuation: mechanical
number of teeth: 50/34 teeth | 52/36 teeth
rear derailleur cage: medium
rear derailleur max. teeth: 32
Color: Silver
Manufacturer page:
  • Description
  • Fact Sheet
  • Availability**
  • Ratings (5)
Item includes
Currently not in stock Delivery time 3-4 weeks Campagnolo Potenza 11 Chain
Currently not in stock Delivery time 3-4 weeks Campagnolo Centaur 11 Front Derailleur 2x11 - silver
Currently not in stock Delivery time 3-4 weeks Campagnolo Centaur 11 Brakes - Set - silver
Still 6 in stock in stock, delivery time 10-15 days Campagnolo Centaur 11 PS Ergopower 2x11 - silver
Still 6 in stock in stock, delivery time 10-15 days Campagnolo Centaur 11 Rear Derailleur 2x11 medium - silver
Selection: Campagnolo Centaur 11 Ultra-Torque Crankset 11-speed - silver
Currently not in stock Delivery time 13-20 days Crank Arm Length | Ratio 170mm | 50/34 teeth
Still 1 in stock in stock, delivery time 10-15 days Crank Arm Length | Ratio 170mm | 52/36 teeth
Currently not in stock Delivery time 12-14 weeks Crank Arm Length | Ratio 172.5mm | 50/34 teeth
Currently not in stock Delivery time 14-15 weeks Crank Arm Length | Ratio 172.5mm | 52/36 teeth
Currently not in stock Delivery time 16-17 weeks Crank Arm Length | Ratio 175mm | 50/34 teeth
Currently not in stock Delivery time 2-4 weeks Crank Arm Length | Ratio 175mm | 52/36 teeth
Selection: Campagnolo Centaur 11 Cassette 11-speed
Currently not in stock Delivery time 3-4 weeks Sprocket Ratio 11-29T
Currently not in stock Delivery time 3-4 weeks Sprocket Ratio 11-32T
Still 10+ in stock in stock, delivery time 10-15 days Sprocket Ratio 12-32T
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Weniger ist mehr. Sehr gutes Preis-/Leistungsverhältniss
Meine Lieblingsgruppe im Vergleich der derzeit aktuell angebotenen. Wozu braucht es eines 12. oder 13. Ganges bei der hier mit 11-fach vielfältigen Wahlmöglichkeiten? Metall statt Carbon, mechanische statt elektronische Komponenten vereinfachen Pflege und Handling für den engagierten Fahrer und Schrauber. Smarte Preise für langlebige Verschleißteile erhöhen den Fahrspaß für den Racer, Tourer, Gelände- und Alltagsfahrer. Leider sind die Teile in silber offiziell nicht mehr im Programm.
Die silberne Gruppe habe ich nicht bei Bike24 gekauft. Ich habe sie bewusst auf meinen Stahl-Crosser montieren lassen den ich mir auf Maß fertigen ließ. Die Centaur Bremsschuhe verwende ich an TRP Mini V-Brakes. Die Verzögerungswerte sind traumhaft. Die Centaur hat mittlerweile 9000km auf der Uhr, ohne jegliche Defekte. Ich habe mittlerweile mein Rennrad verkauft und fahre nur noch mit dem Crosser. Die Kette wurde nach 5000km das erste mal gewechselt Campa eben). Der Zahnkranz hat auch kaum Verschleiß. Ich bin auch schon etliche Alpenpässe damit gefahren. Einach eine Super Gruppe für diesen Preis.
Sehr gute Gruppe. Ich habe für meinen Colnago Master Olympic Stahlrahmen einen Ersatz für die mittlerweile 20 Jahre alte 9-fach Chorus Gruppe gesucht. Da nur Campagnolo dafür in Frage kam und das Gewicht nicht die Hauptrolle spielte, habe ich mich für die günstige Centaur entschieden und bereue es nach bisher ca. 800 km auf keinen Fall. Die Schaltung arbeitet einwandfrei und auch die Bremsen sind wirklich top. Hätte ich in dieser Preisklasse nicht erwartet. Selbst nach zwei Wochen Südtirol mit einigen Pässen gab es nichts zu bemängeln. Montiert und eingestellt und sie läuft. Ich kann die Gruppe wirklich guten Gewissens empfehlen.
gute Gruppe zu einem vernünftigen Preis. Schaltet sauber , die Bremsen sind Top !
Typisch Campa - etwas preisintensiver aber dafür Top Qualität.
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