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E1 Kautokeino – Nordkap

E1 Kautokeino – Nordkap

1st edition 2017, 42 color illustrations, 47 maps and elevation profiles, overview map inside cover flap, GPS track for download, language German.

On foot through Norway: on the E1 to the North Cape.

The European long-distance hiking trail E1 leads a proud 7,000 km through Europe: from southern Italy over the Alps to Germany and through Denmark and Sweden on to the northernmost tip of Norway. A small but particularly beautiful section of the trail is described in the new hiking guide "E1 Kautokeino - North Cape" from Conrad Stein Verlag.

The 340 km long tour from the small town of Kautokeino to the end of the E1 at the North Cape is an unforgettable hiking adventure. In 15 stages, you walk through the wilderness of northern Norway and cross Finnmarksvidda, an Arctic plateau shaped by the Sámi people, their reindeer herding and undeveloped nature. If you want, you can walk the well-known Nordkalottleden beforehand, which is followed by the E1. The new hiking guide "E1 Kautokeino - North Cape" in a handy vest pocket format is a practical companion for on the road. It offers detailed descriptions for all regular stages of the trail as well as for alternative routes, and maps, elevation profiles and free GPS tracks also help with orientation along the way. Information on huts, campsites and catering options along the way ensure that hikers always find a nice place to sleep and don't have to go to bed hungry. The book also helps with the preparation of the hike: A detailed chapter is dedicated to all practical travel topics from A like equipment to Z like customs. A small introduction to country and people as well as numerous illustrations provide in advance for the perfect attunement to the adventure E1.

The author: Literary scholar Sara Anna Danielsson, born in 1987, has always been drawn to faraway places, even during her school years. She is passionate about numerous outdoor activities, from surfing and skiing to hiking and fishing. After several years in Portugal, she now lives in Sweden with her husband and cat and is always looking for new adventures and challenges.

Fact Sheet of E1 Kautokeino – Nordkap

Product Name: E1 Kautokeino – Nordkap
Manufacturer: Conrad Stein Verlag
Item Code: CSV363293
book version: guidebook
ISBN: 978-3-86686-541-9
number of pages: 128
author / publisher: Sara Anna Danielsson
publishing house: Conrad Stein Verlag
book theme: Hiking Guides
countries: Germany, Italy, Sweden, Norway